The details with the new accessories for our dolls are awesome!  Recently we have had some terrific deals from several of our manufactures, so lets take a look ……

Maxine is wearing the 2014 Winter American Girl Pajamas which was recently part of the AG daily deals.  They are one of my favorite Winter PJs, I  love the raspberry color.  Maxine is holding a mini Moxie doll found at Target and also marked down.

A close up of the embroidery work, it is beautiful and such details. 

The boots are my favorite, they are soft but sturdy and fit wonderfully.

Maxine became sick, with a bad winter cold.  The Our Generation Home Accessory Set  – Sick at Home has some wonderful items to help Maxine recover quickly.  Betty, the nurse’s aid helps in taking care of  Maxine.

Betty brings Maxine a  food tray to her bedside.  Betty wears the American Girl outfit from Addy’s collection that was part of the 60% off AG sale.   I love this outfit, which brings the matching boots.  

On the tray we find an alphabet soup and some ice tea with a tea bag,  look at the details of these items.

Maxine was working on her activity book which her teacher sent home.  She does not want to fall behind in her school work.

All the items included in the Sick at Home set are: Tissue box, the tissues are cloth not paper,  Honey jar and honey stick, two types of medicine bottles: cough syrup & eye drops,  thermometer,  hot water bottle,  ice pack, activity book,  pencil, bed lap tray, soup, spoon, ice tea, and fleece blanket.

The ice pack is on Maxine’s head, it helps bring down her fever.

It is time to eat, Maxine loves alphabet soup and ice tea.  She can hold the spoon perfectly.

The details are awesome and so realistic.  Look at the tea bag inside the ice tea.

As soon as Hannah heard that her friend Maxine was sick, she came to visit.   Hannah is wearing the American Girl outfit called Bright Stripes, also on sale as part of the Daily Deals.  I am amazingly surprised with this outfit, because originally I did not care for it.  I just did not like how it fit and looked on the AG doll pictured wearing it, but once I put it on Hannah, I love it.  The outfit fits Hannah  perfectly, but not the AG shoes, I used pink shoes from the Walmart Life As collection, which do fit Hannah.

A closer look at Hannah’s outfit.  Also note the pink bag and camera which are part of the Our Generation Accessory Set- Travel Bag.

The Travel Bag set includes all these items which fit inside the bag: 1 travel bag, 1 OG passport, 1 passport case, 1 boarding pass, 1 boarding pass cover, 1 train ticket, 1 pair of heart shaped sunglasses, 1 sunglasses case, 1 camera, 1 deck of playing cards, 1 body lotion container, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, 1 soap dish, 1 bar of soap, 1 bag of crackers, and 1 chocolate bar.

Hannah had to show Maxine some of the pictures she took in Paris.  Look it is the Eiffel Tower!

All the new 2014 doll accessories introduced by Our Generation have been super cute and very well made with lots of details.   The Accessory Sets make for hours of play and develop creativity.

Would you include them in your collection?

Fun Facts:
1. Both Maxine and Hanna are Gotz dolls and are only available through dealers in Europe such as: My Doll Best Friend.
2. All opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of  Doll