Our Fourth Halloween Parade starts off with Olivia’s Dolls, Loving the cupcake and the hot dog!


Linda’s party continues with more guests arriving!

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I do believe Linda’s was the place to be this Halloween looks like they are playing a very fun game! “McKenna is last in playing Hang the Pumpkin on the tree as the other girls look on.”

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Sent in by Kristen L.- “For Halloween, my dolls wanted to be Disney characters. K2 is Marie, Ivy is Lilo, Kanani is Silvermist, Saige is Elsa & Anna combined, Molly is Belle, Grace is Cruella De Vil, and Alicia is Ariel.”

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Pre Trick or Treat Party,  Alice, Mary Poppins and the Pirate (sorry no name came with this email)

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Sent in by Camille C.- “This is my new AG doll Tish dressed as a mermaid! I hand painted and designed the treasure box, and I even added a little Ariel figure in there for a cute little touch. This is an old BABW mermaid outfit sewed in the back. Happy Dolloween!”

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Sent in by Hannah “A little snack before Trick-or-Treating! Chrissa is Cinderella and Ashlyn is the Fairy Godmother for Halloween. They are super excited about getting lots of candy.”

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Dara made her own doll costume! “I made this squirrel costume for my doll, Rose. The thing at her feet is a jackol-acorn ”

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Sent in by LoneStarDolls -“My dolls Kristen and Marisol were very creative this year for Halloween the 2 girls went as a doctor and patient. The photo is edited to make the colors look brighter. If you want to read the rest of my dolls adventures you can check out https://thedollsoftexas.wordpress.com ”



McKenna is dressed up as a gymnast for Halloween. Saige is the Pumpkin Princess in the parade. Her service dog Chocolate Chip is riding with her. This photo was submitted by Jasmine R.

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“Scarlett and Caroline decided to be sisters for Halloween, but they couldn’t think of what pair of sisters?  They decided to go as Anna and Elsa…Sisters Forever!!!! ” sent in by Lauren


From JGKelsey – Olivia and Gabby had so much fun trick or treating.  Olivia loves being a little monster, with just a little bit of scary this costume is perfect for her.  Gabby loves science and making things.  She made a robot outfit, but one day hopes to build a real robot!  Happy Halloween!


From Luv4Dolls – Saige dressed up as the famous Minnie Mouse! She posed in the ivy so her red outfit would really pop. I hope everyone had a great Dolloween (and halloween)!


My doll Rory is dressed up as a person from Ancient Greece!   –Anna Catherine (www.thedisneydolls.blogspot.com)


From Madelon – The pumpkin, cat, and zebra pose for a Halloween snapshot.

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From Linda R. – It’s never too early to start sewing next years Dolloween costumes! McKenna has chosen to make a black cat costume. Alli looks on, hoping to learn to sew.

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From Poppy – Costume contest, Poppy judged Kaya as Little Red Riding Hood the winner.


From Cathy – Aren’t We Cute? I loved Doll Diaries Monster Tutorial SO much I decided to try a Big Bird Costume.  We love the Dolloween Time of the year!

Thank you to all who have sent in your photos for us to share it has been so much fun to see what you do to help your dolls celebrate and get into the spirit for the Halloween holiday!