Elizabeth an American GirlLiving in a very historic area of Virginia, we have a unique connection to the stories of American Girls Felicity and Elizabeth. After my girls started collecting American Girl dolls, I decided that I just had to have Felicity. I loved her movie and her stories made family trips to Williamsburg come alive and trips to Williamsburg made the Felicity stories more real.

The summer after I got Felicity, we heard of the release of Felicity’s best friend Elizabeth. My daughter just had to have her. Since her release did not line up with a birthday or Christmas, I told her she had to pay for Elizabeth herself.

My daughter spent the summer selling lemonade at the Farmer’s Market with her Grandmother (who has a plant booth every weekend) and earned enough to purchase Elizabeth all by herself. I was so proud of her.

Elizabeth means so much more to my daughter knowing that she worked hard for her special colonial girl!