My daughter wanted Chrissa for her birthday – primarily because Chrissa is on the swim team, like Miss N. Since her birthday was December 30, she agreed to wait a few days and I ordered Chrissa from my personal shopper at the American Girl Place in New York on Friday. Chrissa and her pet Llama Starburst arrived today.

American Girl of the Year 2009 Chrissa Maxwell

In addition to Chrissa and Starburst, there was a large Chrissa poster in the box – this is why I usually order big items from my personal shopper – you never know what extra goodies they may add in.

Chrissa and her pet llama Starburst My thoughts? The Llama is such a cute pet. It is super soft, bigger than all the other American Girl pets (even bigger than Jess’ monkey), and it has a cute purple carry saddle that holds bookmarks for the girls.

Chrissa is a pretty doll. Her hair cut isn’t my favorite, but the color of it is dark with some natural looking highlights. Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of dark blue – they match my daughter’s eyes, and her skin coloring is nice too. She came with her meet dress, undies, shoes, and a little friendship bracelet. Of course, her book, Chrissa was included too.

We had also wanted her swim team gear, but it is on backorder until April – none of the American Girl stores got any of the swim gear or craft table sets in the initial shipment. Hopefully it will be in sooner than later.

Her movie debuted on HBO earlier this week and while we missed, most of the Doll Diaries readers who saw it, liked it for the most part. Some commented that it appeared the girls in the movie were wearing too much makeup for real 4th graders, but that the story itself was good. The DVD, An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, is available for purchase now and hopefully we will get to watch it this weekend.

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