One Doll. Eight Wigs. Many Looks.

Hi, its Elizabeth again. My absolutely gorgeous Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne by Wilde Imagination has arrived! I have named her Sara. She is a wigged Ellowyne which means I can take her hair off and put another wig on for a completely different look. So, in the following pictures remember, it is always this same doll, Sara, that you are seeing. However, I bought her multiple wigs.

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

Here is Sara in the wig she comes with dressed as Snow White. I couldn’t find an apple for her to hold so she is holding an orange…

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

And here is Sara wondering whether blondes have more fun…

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

But wait, what about red heads? Sara certainly thinks having red hair is fun.

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

Okay, here she is just wondering why I bought a blue wig… I think she’s not so sure about this color… But I think she’s quite cute.

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

“Oh wow!” says Sara, “Now I look like Shirley Temple! Where are my tap dance shoes?”

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

This particular wig was on sale so I got it in both black and brown.

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

“Red-dy” to be a perfect princess? (pun intended) I absolutely love this wig and dress combination! Sara is wearing this outfit and wig right now as she sits at my desk helping me write this post. Of course, by the time you read this post, she is probably wearing something else and doing something else…

Plaid to Meet You Ellowyne

I love the curls on this wig. Sara looks like a classic movie star, very stylish and elegant!

The wigs I bought were size 6/7 Monique Gold brand wigs (they sell them for American Girl dolls, too). The Plaid to Meet You doll comes with two velcro dots on her head to hold her wig in place. I was having trouble with the velcro dot on the lower back of her head catching on the hair of the wigs as I was changing them so I very gently took it off leaving just the velcro dot on the top of her head. Her original wig has two velcro dots built into it to match the velcro dots on her head (The Monique Gold brand wigs I bought did not have Velcro inside of them). I haven’t tried her original wig on since I took off the other dot so I’m hoping it will still fit and stay on correctly. However, my doll is mostly going to be wearing her new wigs and not her original one. I understand that she can also wear a size 7/8 wig and it is possible that size might fit her better as it is a bit larger. However I am quite happy with what I got. Each wig change is like having a new doll!

Which look do you think suits Sara best?

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  1. I love the curly blonde one ooooo so pretty/ gorgeous!

  2. Really like them all, but favorite is the shirley temple wig….too cute!!!

  3. I like all of them! I think that is a good idea.

  4. nice I like how she can be 8 dolls in one she looks really cute

  5. I <3 <3 <3 LOVE the third one! the short look seem to fit her PERFECTLY! i am TOTALLY stealing this hairstyle! :)

  6. for my dolls i mean…

  7. That is soooo cool! I love the third and the last. These dolls are starting to grow on me!

  8. i love it its sooo cute! and its cool how i have my moms shirley temple doll she is sooooooooo cute!

  9. That looks like too much fun!

  10. So pretty! My favorites are the straight blond wig and the curly blond wig.

  11. What size would the AG dolls have?

  12. The last one and the second to last one are my favorites.

  13. The American Girls wear an 10/11 wig.

  14. The red wig with the Renaissance gown is definitely my favorite. What a gorgeous doll! You seem to be having a lot of fun with her, and I’m glad you have her!

  15. I like the blue one and the short red ones the best

  16. I LOVE THEM ALL! Those cosutmes rock too! I need to buy and ellowyne!

  17. I like the short red one the best hands down. I agree with you that the long red one looks great with the purple dress. I think that the Shirley Temple one makes her look like Madonna. Of course Madonna was another believer in the power of a hairstyle and color change.

  18. Dawn – your Flickr photostream is AMAZING!! I may lose myself for hours in it.

  19. she looks so great in everything! I really hope I get an Ellowyne someday soon!

  20. ELLOWYNE QUESTION: will Lalaloopsy clothes fit them? i dont think so… how about the beds?

  21. Hmmm – I don’t know. Ellowyne’s are 16″ tall and I don’t have a Lalaloopsy to compare it with.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Gail, I don’t think Lalaloopsy clothes will fit. I have one Lalaloopsy doll and I just held her up next to an Ellowyne doll. The dresses would be way too short for Ellowyne and also Lalaloopsy have very small shoulders so the dress wouldn’t be wide enough for Ellowyne. Possibly an Ellowyne could enjoy Lalaloopsy furniture though I don’t have any to try. The Lalaloopsy is shorter than Ellowyne so if the bed just fits a Lalaloopsy with no room to spare it may not work but if it is a little longer than her it might work if Ellowynes knees are bent a little.

    Changing wigs is definitely fun:) Zoe, in case you get an Ellowyne who wants hair just like the short red hair, that wig is called Roxie and the color is Foxie Red. It also looks cute on a Moxie Teenz doll as I have one and she was borrowing it from Ellowyne the other day:) I didn’t take a picture though.

    I understand there will be some new Ellowyne wigged basics coming out next month. For those of you wanting an Ellowyne doll, keep your eye out for them:) They will probably be around the price of an American Girl doll. Since the basics cost less than the dressed dolls, they typically come wearing just undergarments and shoes but Ellowynes are quite happy to borrow clothes from other doll lines, especially American Girls:) The Snow White and Cinderella dresses in this photo shoot are American Girl sized Dresses (little adventures brand, they have lots of princess dresses) and I used a ribbon to tie the extra fabric in the back. In fact, none of the outfits in this photoshoot were actually meant for Ellowyne dolls. The black dress and coat with green contrast was from a Madam Alexandra Alex doll. The pink dress with the blue hair and the sleeveless red dress are actually Barbie dresses(they barely fit Ellowyne as they are really too small and do not even come close to closing in the back but they look okay in the front. Most Barbie clothes will NOT fit Ellowynes but these were exceptions to that rule.) and the gold dress is also a Barbie dress that I bought on Ebay and was handmade and accidentally ended up way too big for Barbie so it fit Ellowyne. The red dress with the puffed sleeves is a Gene Marshall doll dress. The gorgeous purple and yellow dresses are from porcelain Disney princess dolls by Brass Key. I carefully removed the dresses from the porcelain dolls for my Ellowynes to try on and they liked them so much the porcelain dolls went to a thrift store for somebody else to enjoy and I kept the dresses for my Ellowynes to wear:)

  23. I had a cool thought that Our generation dogs are the perferct size pet for ellowyne!

  24. I say the 2nd one

  25. Anastasia says:

    I really like the short curly wig and the last wig. : )

  26. It’s amazing how the hair can change the way she looks so much. You can hardly tell it’s the same doll. Her eyebrows are also a good color to match many hair colors.

  27. aglover says:

    i agree with lissie and Lissie do you like felicity

  28. aglover says:

    i like the last one