In my house, ABCs hit series Once Upon A Time is a huge hit!  My daughters and I look forward to the show every Sunday evening.  We can’t wait to see what tantalizing spell is being cooked up next.  And of course we just LOVE the heroine of the show, Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.  Really…who doesn’t love a story about our favorite fairytale characters??!!!

I thought creating an Emma Swan doll was a must on my crafting list!  Emma’s character has a standard outfit:  some type of jacket, jeggings, and tall boots.  Our favorite outfit is from Season One; her red leather jacket, jean jeggings, and tall brown laced boots.  

I was ecstatic to find the perfect pieces to put together this outfit for Emma.  The red leather jacket was found on Etsy shop, dmucollections (Dress Me Up Collections); their link is here  This jacket is adorable.  It easily goes on and off the doll.  The stitching is of good quality.  The zipper works without difficulty.  This jacket is an excellent Emma Swan doll jacket.

The jean jeggings and brown laced up boots were found on Etsy shop, sewurbandesigns.  There link is here  The jeggings are amazing.  They fit the doll very well, not too tight or lose.  The seat of the pants fits over the entire rump of the doll, both standing and seated.  The stitch and fabric quality is very good.  Okay…the boots ROCK!  I couldn’t ask for a better Emma Swan doll boot.  The boots slid on the doll’s foot easily and there was enough lace to tie without difficulty.  I look forward to purchasing from this shop in the future.


Now to accessorize the outfit!   Emma wears two different necklaces, one is a Karma circle and the other is a pendant with a swan.  History- In the series Emma made her swan necklace from a keychain that Baelfire (Neal) gave to her.  I made two different sets of necklaces.  One set if for those who like jewelry crafting, and the other set you can make from paper craft supplies.


The first set of necklaces was made from 7mm spring ring clasps, assorted jump rings, chain, and specialty finding.  I used small wire cutters and needle nose pliers.   All of these supplies were purchased from Michael’s craft store.  The rings found in the Specialty Findings package were a perfect find.  I selected two of the smallest rings to make the necklaces.  Cut chain to desired length of how you want the necklace to hang on the doll.


For the swan necklace I found an image on Google and in Microsoft Word, cropped the picture, scaled it down, printed and cut it out.  I then glued the image to the wider banded ring with Aleene’s glass glue.  I glued a piece of silver card stock paper to the back of the ring to seal it closed.   


I also made another set for those of you who do not like to jewelry craft.  In the PDF below is also an image of the Karma circle necklace for you to print.  After you print, color the ring in with a silver Sharpie.  A standard single hole-puncher can be used to cut out the hole in the rings center.  Then, with scissors cut out the outer edge.  Use any string you want and with a tiny bit of hot glue, glue to edge of the paper charm.  Tie around your doll’s neck…you’re done!


Here is a side beside comparison…  I love how both sets came out!

Here is the PDF with the charm images:  Emma Swan Charms Printable

 The doll is a My American Girl Doll item# F1219  (or #22)

 Craft on!