Copyright Carpatina - used with permission - do not copyEver since I discovered Carpatina’s catalog, I have had my eye on one dress in particular – the Celtic Princess dress. It is part of their Girlfriends Collection for 18″ Soft Body dolls, which means our American Girl dolls can wear them.

The gown, which I think will look stunning on Felicity, is so simple, but sophisticated at the same time. I absolutely love the Celtic knot design details on the gold trim – they really make the dress.  It is a beautiful shade of green linen.

I have Irish roots and a recent trip to Ireland has made me want this dress even more. We have the American Girl Irish Dancing dress and it is fun, but this dress is oh, so elegant looking. I guess the big question is, can I wait and order it as a Christmas gift or do I just have to have this dress now?  Considering it is on sale right now, my willpower is waning.

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