Many of you are familiar with Sharry – she is a frequent commenter and contributor to the Doll Diaries community, has her own YouTube channel,  she is a teacher, and she is a collector of 1970’s toys and dolls. Sharry will be sharing more photos and insight into her 1970’s  treasurers throughout the year.

Springfield doll and vintage Crissy doll

I’m sure  most of you are familiar with Julie (Springfield Collection), and some of you have seen my 1970s Crissy doll. I bought these groovy identical 70s outfits from Carpatina called Summer Chic that these two best friends can wear together. The shirts fit fine, but the pants need to be pinned in back, as they have smaller waists than American Girl and Carpatina.

Don’t they look just too cute? I really love that classic (Crissy) can meet current, (Julie), and be friends in spite of their differences.

Later this month I will be telling you all about Crissy, and throughout the year, some of my other classic 70s dolls. Have fun!

– Sharry