Oh wow! Just wow! Anyone who was brave enough to go to one of the American Girl stores today can tell you, Isabelle is a HIT! We were at the DC store last year for Saige’s debut and it was NOTHING compared to Isabelle’s. I have never seen so many people – it was crazy!

American Girl Isabelle Design Studio

The lines in the store were at an all time high – running from the cash register, through the historical section, through the Isabelle section, past the bistro and into the book area!!! Downstairs the line was just as long.

We did a little pre-store coordination and met up with Madelon, SewBig, Mellangel and a few others from the Doll Diaries and AGPlaythings doll communities. It was so much fun and we really need to get together again – in a less insane environment! We even got to meet a few younger fans back in the personal shopper room and they absolutely made my day (you know who you are – you had your dolls in a stroller and took a photo with Nat – I hope you and your friend have lots of fun playing with your dolls)

American Girl Isabelle Souvenir

Outside the store they had tables set up for girls to color in Isabelle paper dolls and they were giving out Isabelle sticker sets too. This is the Isabelle souvenir tee they were giving out when you came in the store or made a purchase – depending on the time of day you came in. Last year they just handed out Saige tees but the Isabelle tees all came in doll sized AG bags. So cute!  On the other end of the hallway they had dancers performing in groups and solos.

American Girl Isabelle Photo Op

The Isabelle Photo Op cut-out is of course, her at the barre. She was quite tiny, though – I expected her to be a bit taller. 

American Girl Isabelle

And here is our Isabelle at home. By the time we got home, it was dark outside so I only took a few photos of Isabelle. I will take more tomorrow because these do not do her justice.  This is Isabelle without her pink hair extension in and her original hair style removed. 

American Girl Isabelle

In order to put Isabelle’s hair extensions in, you have to lift a few layers of her hair to find three loops. The hair piece has hooks – like on a bathing suit – that slip in to the loops. 

American Girl Isabelle

Here is her hair piece right after I attached it.  I am a little surprised at how much lighter the top part of the hair piece is from her actual hair color, but it is high quality and I like the pink!

American Girl Isabelle

When her hair is down, the pink peeks out from the bottom.

American Girl Isabelle

When Isabelle’s hair is in two low ponytails you can see the pink more clearly.  

My initial thoughts – Isabelle is going to be as popular as McKenna – possibly more so. She is nothing special as far as many collectors are concerned, but her straight, blonde hair makes her very appealing to the general fan base. Her hair will be easy to care for, the pink hair piece is fun, and the dance theme is so universal.  

So, what do you think so far? It was very difficult to take photos in the DC store today, but luckily Diana got some good ones at Atlanta. Stay tuned for more photos and more detailed reviews over the next few days. Keep the reader photo contest entries coming, too – I am uploading them all as fast as I can. Also, tomorrow’s Throwback Thursday post is AG Ice Skating and I can’t wait to see what your dolls have been up to for Sunday Showcase!

Happy New Year!!