My little Patience keeps me company throughout my work day, she rules the work office!  She always amazes me with her personality, let’s take a look at what happened today……

Elsie is her name and she is very photogenic, she was a little scared this morning because the day started very gloomy and raining.  I asked Elsie if she would like to join me in the office for the day, she got so happy.  So I got the camera and off to the office we went.   But wait, do you see what I see?

I heard a voice call out “Oh No! One more!”   Oh yes, Patience had noticed Elsie and she was not happy.

I decided to step away to see what would happen.   I peeked into the room and this is what I saw…. Patience jumped down and introduced herself to Elsie.   She wasted no time in letting Elsie know who she was, I listened carefully.   Elsie said Patience, the nice lady takes care of us but in this room, well, I am the one that rules!  So please tell me your story…

Elsie sat next to Patience and told her story.   Patience listened and listened.  It was not long before Patience knew that Elsie would soon be her good friend.  What an amazing story said Patience.   I am so glad the nice lady brought you home.  I am looking forward to seeing your other looks.

Patience has become a very good hostess and quickly offered a snack to Elsie.   Elsie was enjoying her cookie when I came back into the office.  Why Patience I said, how did you jump from the upper shelf?  You could have been hurt, but how can I stay upset at you, my little one?   You are such a good hostess.   Back on the upper shelf Patience sat.

I took one more picture of Elsie, a close up.   You will see more of Elsie soon and her story will be shared, but for now she steals a little piece of my heart!

Patience made a new friend and was happy to know she still rules in the office!

Who do you think Elsie is after reading all the Toy Fair posts?

Fun Facts:
1. Patience – Wilde Imagination collection
2. Elsie – to be featured in a review soon