Last night while we were continuing to dress our dolls for the holidays I had a horrible realization! My beloved Felicity is INJURED. Over the summer all the historical dolls were on a shelf in my daughter’s room and the shelf came tumbling down. We scooped up all the dolls and then proceeded to switch the girls’ rooms. I didn’t even notice that Felicity had been hurt.

American Girl Doll Felicity damaged

You can see her right eye is now missing its eyelashes!! And she has a scuff mark on her right cheek, too. I also noticed her limbs are pretty loose now as well. YIKES!

American Girl Felicity with damaged eye

Here is another view. I am thinking she may need to go to the American Girl Doll Hospital after Thanksgiving. Do you agree?

American Girl Felicity Doll hospital

Have any of you sent a doll to the Doll Hospital before? I was looking at the admittance form and I see it will cost $24 to replace her eyes, and it gives the option for limb replacement, but I don’t think she needs that – she just needs her limbs tightened and the scuff on her cheek rubbed out.

I’ll post pictures of Felicity getting ready to be sent off to the hospital next week, but in the meantime, I think she needs to stay in my office with me!

PS – If you haven’t entered to win the Doll Sized Steamer Trunk from The Queen’s Treasures yet, it ends tonight. Plus the giveaway for the Smoothie stand is still open AND we will be adding new giveaways almost every day from Thanksgiving until mid-December. Oh, and one last note – get those holiday scenes set up and photographed! More opportunities to get a Doll Diaries doll t-shirt are coming up, too.