Official Saige Movie Trailer and Cast List

American Girl Saige Paints the Sky Movie

By now most of you have seen the Saige Paints the Sky movie trailer on the American Girl website, but if you haven’t:

Watch Saige Paints the Sky trailer at

What do you think? 

According to, the movie features:

To the best of my knowledge, Saige Paints the Sky is due out in July on DVD/Blu-ray and digital download, but I haven’t found any specific dates yet. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I dont like her wig

  2. Her wig looks more unrealistic than the dolls hair. I can see saige the dolls hair being a natural color, not the actress that plays saige

  3. Char: today in 1973 Pablo Picasso died at age 91, my saige is wearing all black to show her respect for her favorite artist ( one of them)

  4. Trinity D says:

    I really don’t care if her hair is dyed or not as long as she does the character justice. But one thing I did find weird was that she looks SUPER YOUNG on the movie cover but she looks older in the trailer.
    If American girl does make another historical character movie I hope it would be Marie grace and Cecile
    I would really like to see that movie or like storyteller said Addy would be a good choice too and Julie is a good option. But one movie i would like to see would be not about any of the characters historical or goty it would be about the book Gangsters at the grand Atlantic. That is one of my all time favorite ag books it think iv read it about 8 times and that book would be a great movie.Has anyone else read the book?

  5. That’s really exciting!

  6. omg cant wait too see the movie with saig,lanie ,rabeca and meranda my just ;likew me doll.i have been waiting for this movie.i love saig she is soooooo pretty but she looks diffrent on the cover

  7. qtlol10 says:

    Yea! I’m so excited to see the results of the contest!

  8. Juliet XD- Yes, it is weird how the models they use look like the doll, because only JLY’s are supposed to look like you.

  9. And I think Mimi looks too young.

  10. cool!

  11. I’m so excited the actress who plays Mimi is perfect if you ask me

  12. Thanks Char I hadn’t seen this.

  13. Cool!

  14. Saige movie looks SOOOOO good! I can’t wait for it to come out!

  15. I cant WAIT until Saige’s movie comes out! I saw this post when I was at school and I almost screamed in excitement, and then I got a stare from my classmates…lol

  16. The actress that plays Saige sure is wearing a whole lot of make-up though….but still, this movie looks AMAZING! I loved Saige’s books, I cant wait!!!!!!! 😀

  17. sabrina says:

    It’s awesome!

  18. Megan!!!!!! says:

    oh yeah and Sagie’s grandma looks WAYYYYYYYYYYYY 2 young. i think Mckenna’s grandma looked good but not this one. Once again, Shamy Shamy on AG!!! XD

  19. “shamy shamy” xDDD

  20. @Sharry I agree! I like the historical movies better than the GOTY ones. I really liked Molly’s and Felicity’s and in my opinion, Mckenna’s wasn’t that good….it would cool if they made more historical movies.

  21. @AGInParadise I remember the day Doll Diaries revealed what Saige officially looked like, and I literally screamed in the middle of my local McDonald’s.
    I almost did a dance, but then I realized that would be indecent exposure. XD

  22. Molly W. says:

    Trinity D~I completely agree with your first sentence. For me, if I like the story and how the actors portray the characters, then I couldn’t care less about minute details like the hair color or age appearance.
    Oh, and a quick note on someone’s comment about how young Saige’s grandma looks: think about it for a sec. If Saige’s mother had her at the age of 20, and Saige’s grandma had Saige’s mom or dad at the age of twenty, and if Saige is ten, then Saige’s grandma would only 50. So realistically, she’s probably in her mid fifties to MAYBE early sixties. I think she looks fine for her age. Some people look young for their ages. Last year, someone thought I was like 4-5 years younger than I am!

  23. sabrina says:

    It looks good! I have to agree her wig isn’t the best…

  24. Katherine says:

    Will it be on TV?

  25. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Okay, let me put this straight. I have Saige’s EXACT hair colour (thats right, EXACT), and I can tell you that that is FAKE hair. That, IMO, is Elmo red or Florence Welch red. Very fake! She looks alright for her age, she certainly doesn’t look older than 12 IMO.

  26. Katherine – I have not heard if it will be on TV or not

  27. Her hair looks like a wig. Just the way its positioned always seems awkward. There’s nothing wrong with the color, I know people who have that color naturally.

    I’ve read Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic. I really liked it, but my favorite is The Smuggler’s Treasure.

    I didn’t like McKenna. It was a combo of the acting/directing/script that I felt was bad, not the way hair/makeup/costuming was done.

  28. aggirl1200 says:

    I really think this movie is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have also seen ads for the GOTY 2014 movie audition and it looks like she is going to be a ballet dancer and so I want to try to audition for her older sister Jade who is a very good Ballerina!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Molly W: I agree!!
    My grandma looks even younger than mimi! She doesnt have gray hair yet……

  30. @Molly W.- I have that same age problem all the time. I am 15 and people are always thinking I’m like, 13. It’s very annoying but my mom says I just have a young face and will be thankful for it when I’m older. 😉

  31. Trinity, I love that book! It’s my favorite History Mystery! It would make a great movie, but it might scare younger children. When I was reading it, I had nightmares! *shivers*

    Did anyone notice that weird dance scene at the end? That was not on the book, so I’m very curious to see what that was.

  32. aggirl1200 says:

    ok so the actress that plays Saige does have a lot of makeup on I agree, but I don’t think she has a wig on like everybody else does!!!! I think she got her hair temporary colored for the movie and that dancing scene at the end was not in the book!! What was that about?? I thought there was supposed to be a parade??!! Anyways I am excited to see what the movie is like and the song they play at the end is pretty catchy and I wish I could find it somewhere.

  33. aggirl1200- Yeah! I hope there will be a parade, still!

  34. Hi! I saw some of you guys were wondering about the big dance scene at the end. I was an extra (background) in that scene so,yeah. The big ” Dance” is a back up event for the fiesta, as it kind of picks up where the book ends, where we find out if they actually got the money for the after school art class. Anyways, the scene is SUPER cool and I hope your all exited to see Dylan and Tessa singing, A HUGE DANCE set with costumes,dancing, flamenco dancing, sliding on poles, and a dance that makes art come alive!
    ( Also with red and silver confetti cannons, watch out for the end of the dance for the BOOOM)

  35. Rose- That’s awesome! Thanks!

  36. I cannot wait to see the movie. The last one for McKenna was so cute. Thank you for giving us an update on the movie.

  37. Uhh….. Don’t you think that they should of made her hair color more auburn, especially if they dyed it?

  38. Definitely not a wig. On the actor’s profile is a picture with her as “Saige.” You can tell the hair was dyed. This movie looks good! Not sure about the script though..some lines are cheesy

  39. Crazy Girl :) says:

    Where do they keep getting these 2-year-old actresses? Saige looks about 5, and McKenna’s voice was not how I thought it would be.