Just the other day a reader asked if Doll Diaries is on the social medial site, Instagram, and at the time the answer was no, but that got me thinking. Why not? I have a personal Instagram account…

So, now you can follow Doll Diaries on Instagram:

Doll Diaries on Instagram

We are obviously, dolldiaries. I will be posting  photos pretty regularly and not all the photos I post on Instagram will be posted on the site or on Facebook. There will be plenty of Instagram exclusives.

Right now you can follow Doll Diaries:

Feel free to follow us on the accounts you have. Remember if you are under 13 you must have your parent’s permission to join these services and if you are under 18, your parents need to know what accounts you do have and the login information – that’s just the Mom side of me talking. Its for your own good.