During Christmas break we went to visit family and while we were there, my girls and I got to visit Aunt Kay and her AMAZING Barbie collection. Aunt Kay’s Barbies take up two whole rooms in her house plus two curio cabinets in the entry way. She has vintage Barbies, Barbies that have never been removed from their box, Barbies you will rarely see, Barbies you can’t help but want to play with and everything in between. Because her collection is so big and I took so many photos while we were there, I am going to share the photos with you in small batches over the next few weeks.

Collection of Vintage Barbies

These are one of her displays of vintage Barbies. Notice they are not in their boxes? Aunt Kay thinks Barbies should be played with and many of her Barbies are not in boxes.

Barbie Coca Cola Display

The Barbie Coca Cola Soda Fountain Playset from 2000 was one of my favorite displays to look at in her collection. This set is hard to find and when  you can find it (Amazon & Ebay) it is expensive.

Barbie Wizard of Oz

Aunt Kay has quite the collection of Wizard of Oz Barbies – the Kelly doll versions are just too precious!

Barbies and Shirley Temple Dolls

Two adorable Shirley Temple dolls hang out in the Barbie room most of the time. I loved seeing all the Christmas Barbies together. The bottom shelf features a variety of Barbies from no particular collection – just ones Kay liked.

Barbie as George Washington

There is just something fun about the 1996 Barbie as George Washington that was only available through FAO Schwartz that year. I’m sure George Washington would not approve of the color scheme!

So that is it for today. I have a ton more photos to upload from our visit, so check back soon.

If you are looking for retired or hard to find Barbies, your best places to look are: