You know how I just love sharing your photos and hearing about your doll collections! I love it even more when I can share stories that show how you can take an interest as a child and turn it into a collection you can enjoy as you get older. One of our readers, Lynz, has one of those stories!

American Girl Historical dolls

Here’s the story (LOL) … it started with Kirsten and Molly, located on the shelf. I got them for Christmas in 1998.ย  I was 14 and I had begged for 2 years prior for one of these dolls. From there it snowballed to about a doll a year on special occasions. I’m 27 now and still collect, fix, and even find homes for American Girl dolls. My collection consist of all the historicals and best friends if they have them.

Lynz American Girl collection

Lynz American Girl collection

I also have one extra Felicity (she is the bald one awaiting a wig) and one extra Molly. Also I have customized a few to mimic characters from movies and TV.

American Girls as Sailor Moon

I did the five Sailor Moon dolls. It was a favorite cartoon of mine.

By request of my sister – a die hard Twilight fan I made her a Bella doll as well as one for me – she is the one in the retired Hanukkah outfit with a Coach shopping bag in the second photo above. Also I have a few GOTY dolls – Sonali and Mia, and like many others I do to plan on buying the GOTY 2012, McKenna.

American Girl Mini Dolls

My collection was supported through family and friends as well as myself. And it didn’t happend overnight –ย  this is all a 13+ year collection. But to answer the question that all collectors get, “which one is your faveorite? I would have to say the two that got it all started, Kirsten and Molly. My Grandmother and Mom gave them to me, and I love their time period. I hope you enjoy my pictures and my dolls thank you!!

Thanks Lynz for sharing your collection with us!! Amazing!