Happy Halloween to all those witches, ghost and goblins!  My girls wanted to do something different and although Halloween is their favorite holiday, they did not want to be scary.  So let’s take a look at what they selected…

Brujita a Paula Reina doll, comes dressed as a witch, but this year she wanted to be Girl Princess.  So she went to the closet and put together her outfit.  The fluffy boots are baby boots size newborn and she borrowed Isabelle’s crown.

A close up shows her beautiful green eyes and her colorful hair, which she loves to wear year around. She is ready for her trick or treat adventure tonight.

Maggie wanted to go as a Paris Girl, since she is thinking of visiting her cousin in Paris.  She wears an OG outfit which is stunning.  The new stockings from OG are awesome, I think they finally discovered the perfect material.

When it is not chilly, Maggie takes off her shawl and carries it under her arm.  This OG outfit fits perfectly and it is really pretty for a day in Paris.  Maggie too is now ready for her trick or treat adventure.

My last trick or treater is Isabelle. She was just selected to be in a new play and she will be the Cotton Candy Ballerina, she was so thrilled when she got the part!  So of course she picked that to be her Halloween outfit.  This is an OG outfit and the color is beautiful.  Again I love what they did to the stockings, they are so soft.  The outfit fits beautifully on Isabelle. So Isabelle is also ready for her trick or treat adventure.

Have a fun Halloween……