You are going to LOVE this fun, no-sew Monster Halloween costume that our friend JGKelsey has come up with and is sharing with us today!

No sew monster costume for dolls

For less then $10 you can make this cute monster Halloween outfit. Here’s what you will need: a children’s wash mitt (from the Dollar Tree), a car wash mitt (Dollar Tree), two pairs of stripped ankle socks (Dollar Tree), Halloween monster eyes (Dollar Tree), a pom-pom for a nose, and white felt or white foam for teeth. You can buy all these items from other places; they will probably be more expensive though. You will also need a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, a ruler or tape measure, and a marker that can mark on fabric.


Let’s start with the monster’s head. I printed out a 3-½ inch by 2-½ inch oval for the mouth opening. I also made teeth that fit the curve of the mouth. You can follow this pattern or make your own teeth.


Place the oval on the child’s wash mitt about 2 ½ inches down from the top and approximately in the middle from side to side. Stick at least one pin through it to hold it in place as you cut around it. You can also trace around the outside, then you wouldn’t have to pin it. Either way, cut out the oval. My mitt had a mesh layer behind the fabric; make sure to cut this also. Trace the teeth pattern onto the white felt, then cut them out. Flip the mitt inside out. Put hot glue on the none drawn on side of the felt, then place the teeth on the mouth opening. Make sure they are not down too far otherwise they will cover your dolls face. Flip the wash mitt inside right.


Place a drop of hot glue on the pom-pom and put it where the nose should be. Put hot glue where you want the eyes to be. Make sure that you put a decent amount, so that the plastic eyes stick. Push down on the eyes to make sure they stick. You can scuff the back of the eyes with sand paper to help the hot glue stick to them if you are having trouble, but they should stick without doing this. I colored my eyes because I didn’t like the red iris. Use a permanent marker if you decide to color your eyes. Once you’ve glued the monster’s eyes on, you can put the hood to the side.


Now let’s make the body. If the car wash mitt has a side that is not textured, flip it over to that side. At the top, the side opposite the opening, measure the mitt’s length and mark the middle. From the middle, measure 1-½ inches on both sides of the middle mark. On each long side of the mitt, measure 2 ¼ inches down from the top and make a mark. Finally place the ruler on the middle mark lengthwise. Measure down 6 inches and mark it.


Near the top of the mitt, on the centerline, poke your scissors through the fabric then cut down the middle until you reach the mark 6 inches down. This will make it easier to get the monster body onto your doll. Next you’re going to cut the neck hole. At the top of the mitt, cut out from the middle until you reach the mark 1 ½ inches over. Repeat this on the other side of the middle line. It’s a good idea to widen this cut. From the top of the mitt go down maybe a ¼ of an inch; cut an arch to the line you have already cut on both sides. This makes it so that your dolls neck will fit through better. Finally, you will cut the armholes. Poke your scissors through the fabric on the side of the mitt, at the top, then cut down until you reach the mark you made 2 ¼ inches down. Widen the hole by making an arch, then repeat these steps on the other side of the mitt.


To make the sleeves, cut a sock completely in half, lengthwise. Fold one edge over, put hot glue on the folded edge, then fold the other edge over onto it, pressing down to make sure it holds. I didn’t glue the ends shut, so that my dolls hands can stick out if I want them too. Take the end of the sleeve (sock) with the elastic on it and push it through the armhole on the side of the car wash mitt. Trim it so that the sleeve is not sticking out the top of the mitt. Hot glue the end of the sleeve to the mitt all the way around the armhole.


Now it’s time to assemble your dolls costume! Take the two extra socks and use them as leggings. Pull the car wash mitt/body onto your dolls legs. You may have to inch this up since the elastic at the bottom can be kind of tight. Put her arms in as you pull the body up, until finally it gets over her shoulders. Please note that the back will be open. You could put string or ribbon on the back to lace the body up, but it stays up well without it. If it is difficult to get the mitt over your dolls butt, cut the long slit in the mitt a little more and it should slide on. Finally, to put the hood on, lay your doll down so that her eyes close, then pull the hood over her head. You may have to pull the top part (where the eyes are) down on her head.

No sew monster costume for dolls

Now you should have a little monster. Add pipe cleaners for hair, add wings, add a third eye, get creative! Hopefully this helps you make an awesome Halloween costume for your doll friend!