Last night I watched this video from My Froggy Stuff on how to make a no-sew doll dress. Wow! It was so simple and her finished product looked awesome, so I decided to give it a try myself this morning.

First, watch the video:

Now, take a look at what we made in less than an hour.

No Sew Dresses for Dolls

I started with a basket of clothes that Natalie has grown out of. Most of these are jersey material and are not really worth trying to resell and I don’t have anyone who really needs them as hand-me-downs either – well, except the dolls.

I followed MyFroggyStuff’s instructions and tada, we have:

No Sew dress for Monster High dolls

A cute green dress for Monster High doll Frankie.

No Sew top for 18" dolls

You have to alter the size of your circle based on the measurement from your doll’s neck to where you want the dress or top to hang then double it. Most of Natalie’s shirts were not wide enough to make a circle larger than about 14″ so this is a top for Madison (an 18″ Springfield doll) and we just paired it with leggings. The shirt had little jewels along the neckline already so I used that for the tie around the waist. Cute!

No-sew top or dress for BFC Ink dolls

This top we made for 18″ slim body BFC Ink doll Addison is my favorite! It started as an empire waist top with the jewels around the neckline and a tie in the back. I did a round neckline and then cut the neckline with the jewels to use as the belt. It matches the purple jeans that Addison came with already and she borrowed a purse from the AG girls.

No Sew Skirt for Bitty Baby

Using what was left of the shirt I used for Addison, I cut the shirt so the ties were left intact, pinned the hem up under the waistband to make a bubble skirt and now the 15″ Bitty Babies have a new skirt.

No Sew Dress for Ellowyne

Here is the dress we made for one of our 16″ Ellowyne dolls. I started with a fun ombre jersey dress that Natalie had loved. Using the skirt part, I was able to draw a circle that was about 18″ across so it fits Ellowyne like a dress. The top of the original dress had a tie with a bead on each end. Using my seam ripper, I removed it from the dress and used it for the tie around Ellowyne’s waist. The other cool part about the dress is that it had a smocked waistband that I was able to cut out with some extra length. I think I can easily stitch up the back of the two pieces to make two skirts for American Girl dolls or Bitty’s.

No sew dresses for dolls

Not bad for a Saturday morning – five new doll outfits that did not cost me a cent and were all made in less than one hour! With a little imagination, you can upcycle some of your old favorites into cute new outfits for your dolls. Just check with Mom or Dad before you start cutting!!

Thanks to My Froggy Stuff for the inspiration!!