I love all of the fun patterns of Duck Tape that are available!  I wanted to create a project for dolls inspired by the fun patterns!  

 Combine your favorite Duck Tape to dress up doll size chairs with colorful cushions!

Of course you can customize the cushion to fit any doll chair.  

The secret to the cushions dimension and softness is layered felt underneath the tape!

Let’s take a closer look. 


Decide the doll size chair you want to make cushions for.  Cut 3 pieces of felt the same size as the seat and 3 pieces for the back.  The felt stacked together will give the cushions shape and make them a padded.

To give these cushions a decorative touch we are covering the felt in Duck tape.  First we need to make a sheet of Duck tape large enough to cover one side of the cushions and wrap around to the back.  Lay out your felt cushions like pictured above.  Leave a gap between the two.  Measure the length and width and then add a few inches to the length and a couple inches to the width.

Lay out a piece of Duck tape equal to the length you need.  Cut more strips of tape to the same length, overlapping them as you go until it is the right width.  The connected strips will make a sheet of Duck tape.

Lay the felt on the sheet of duct tape.  Fold over the ends and cut a notch in each corner, cutting off only the folded over portion.  The photo above shows the cut off corners set to the side.  

Place a piece of tape along the gap between the two pieces of felt.

 Fold over the sides of the Duck tape.

Take care with the corners to fold them over to get a close fit.   Cover the rest of the back with strips of Duck tape.  

Try the cushion on the chair.  To get the best position for the seat and back cushion, place tape along the back of the fold on the back side of the cushion.

Let’s make a decorative pillow!  Connect 3 strips of Duck tape and place 3 cut squares of felt in the center.  Lay out 3 more strips of Duck tape and sandwich it together with the first.  Trim up the edges to make them even.

 Cut a fringe around the edge of the tape, cutting up to the felt.   

You can get so many different looks depending on the style of your chairs and the pattern or color of tape you use!  I used the wood backdrop because this little chair and cushion is perfect for a porch, a glass of lemonade, and a warm fall afternoon!  

 What a fun way to enjoy your favorite pattern of Duck Tape and add a splash of color to your doll scenes!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollMadame Alexander
  • Outfit-Shirt is from dolls meet outfit.  Skirt is made by Anna.  Sandals are from My Doll Life.
  • Scene-Chair is a thrift store find.  Backdrop is scrapbook paper.

 Duck Tape has such endless doll size possibilities!