Nicky Epstein Knits for Dolls

So, I have been trying to teach myself to knit for just over a year now – why? Because I want to be able to knit some really cute things for our dolls. When I was given the opportunity to review the new book by Nicky Epstein, Knits for Dolls, 25 Fun, Fabulous Outfits for 18-inch Dolls, of course I said I’d love to. When the book arrived I flipped page after page and with each new outfit, I muttered under my breath, “I must learn, I must learn!” Let’s just say that Β the outfits are just too cute for words. Even Samantha thinks so!

The Table of Contents shows thumbnail images of each project (and there are four pages in the Table of Contents alone) all modeled by Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls. Oh, so sweet.

The range of projects goes from basic tops and dresses to more elaborate costumes like the lacy princess gown. There are patterns for some accessories which is probably a great place for a beginner like myself, to start. I would say that most of the projects would be more suited for the intermediate to advanced knitter though.

You can find Nicky Epstein Knits for Dolls on Amazon and I definitely recommend it for the intermediate/advance knitter who is looking for some new designs to knit for the dolls.

Β Can you knit?