In addition to showing all the new Nicki, Girl of the Year, merchandise and the other new items, the American Girl web site now has some fun, new Nicki activities.

My screen capture while playing the Nicki game

Nicki loves animals and you can play her Animal Roundup game. The goal is to help Nicki round up the animals on the farm as she rides her horse. You control the direction and the lasso with your mouse. The first round I played I scored a big fat “0” but after some practice it got much easier. Let’s just say that my 5 year old caught on faster than I did.

There is also and E-card you can send. My 8 year old already sent me one. She and Nicki are very much alike. My daughter’s note was a plea to allow her to bring her cats in the house today. She loves animals and I know she will love Nicki’s story.

You can also read excerpts of her book and get Nick wallpaper.

Ah, the excitement of a new girl of the year!