Nicki and Saige Side by Side

While Saige was getting her hair done this morning by Natalie, Nicki decided to try on Saige’s Sweater Outfit. So while I continue to work on the photos for the close up of Saige’s Sparkly Dress, enjoy these pictures of Nicki and Saige.


The biggest difference between Nicki and Saige is the color of their hair. I never realized how light Nicki’s hair really is until I put her against Saige. The colors in Saige’s Sweater Outfit don’t look as good on Nicki as they do on Saige and some of the others.


Nicki’s hair is actually a few shades of auburn and her eyes are just a slightly different shade of blue.

Side by side comparison of Nicki and Saige

When you put Nicki and Saige side-by-side you can see the differences – hair color, placement of the part, and eye color – but their freckle placement and eyebrows are identical.

Side by side comparison of Nicki and Saige

The necklace that comes with Saige’s Sparkly dress looks really good with the sweater outfit too. 

We have decided that Saige is actually Nicki’s younger sister and they both love horses so I am sure they will do quite a bit of closet swapping, too.

Back to working on those photos of Saige in her Sparkly Dress – and before you ask, I am not sure if I am posting them today or tomorrow. 

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  1. sabrina says:

    Char I think it would be cool to have a different prize for the reader photo contest… Char, remember when you did the doll diaries survey,Can you do another one?? I think it would be helpful for you…

  2. Venus says:

    ATTENTION DD LADIES: Is Maddie in the Doll House? If she is, I just wanted to say that I saw your Springfield Collection review video and I loved it! ^_^
    I also posted a comment. ;)

  3. Dollsarecool says:

    Char, can you do a comparison of Felicity and Saige?

  4. Katelyn says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you for posting this Char. I already have Nicki and although I would really love a redhead to add to my small collection, I think they are just a little too similar for me. Definitely getting the sweater outfit though! Thank you Char!

  5. Dally says:

    I kind of wish I had Nicki in my collection! Maybe I’ll find her at a garage sale or Goodwill. My cousin (She’s 15 or 16) has Marisol and doesn’t play with her anymore, so I’m hoping she’ll give Marisol to me!

  6. Venus says:

    @Dally Your cousin has Marisol………?
    GIVE HER TO MEEEEE PLEEEEASEEE EITUGNSTIUNRLTNVFNJDTIERFU *spazzes out and tries to jump into iPad screen but ultimately fails*

    I know someone who owns a Pre-Mattel Felicity and Molly doll. She doesn’t really care for them anymore, either. Hopefully, she will send them to a nice lovely home planet named VENUS, where it is guaranteed that she’ll take good care of them… *wishes that this scenario will come true some day* >_>

  7. qtlol10 says:

    OMG THEY R ALMOST IDENTICAL TWINS!!!!! Thats so cool! I rrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy want saige!

  8. qtlol10 says:

    Venus! Ur so dramatic! (In a good way, in a really good funny way!)

  9. Ella says:

    omg they look nearly identical. theyre eye colour is nly different by an inch. i thing saige should have greeny eyes (like kanani’s), short, straight hair (like kits), the same hair colour as she has now and straight eyebrows

  10. Char says:

    Yes, I will. I already have Felicity dressed in Saige’s meet outfit – just need to wait until it is light outside.

  11. Hadden says:

    They sort of have diffrent skin colors if you look closly.

  12. Delaney says:

    @Hadden, nah, I’m pretty sure it’s the lighting/flash/settings of the camera.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Char, I have Felicity, Elizabeth, Nicki, Chrissa, and MAG 24. I really like Saige’s Sweater Outfit and Accessories. Would the colors look good on any of my dolls? I would guess yes for Chrissa, and maybe Felicity, but I want the opinion of someone who has the outfit.

  14. Megan!!!!!! says:

    they are the SAME!!!! ( i mean pretty much the same the only thing is that sagie’s hair is a little bit darker than nikki’s but thats pretty much the only differentce

  15. AGInParadise says:

    Am I the only person that thinks that Saige and Nicki don’t look identical? Because, I think they look somewhat alike, but not Identical…..

  16. Delaney says:

    @AGinParadise, no. I think they look alike, but I wouldn’t make them twins or anything. The face is the classic, but the eyes are set different, etc.
    @Megan Nicki has curlier hair, lighter eyes, etc

  17. Delaney says:

    @Elizabeth — that outfit would look really good on Chrissa. I don’t have her, but I have McKenna who looks good in it and several dolls with dark hair like Chrissa and they all look good in it.
    I also think Elizabeth would look good, same mold as Julie and McKenna, and they look good in it, and Lizzie looks sorta like Caroline, and caro looks good in it, etc
    I think you should get it, it’s a great outfit

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Delaney! At first I was thinking not Elizabeth cause of her light hair, but thinking about it I think it would be good.
    Thanks again!

  19. Hannah says:

    Nicki and Saige are so pretty!!!!!!

  20. hannah says:

    love saige!!!!!

  21. Erin :) says:

    Thanks for doing this comparison!

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Venus, my friend has Felicity, Marisol and Molly. I hope she gives them to me because they seem to be dejected and lonely

  23. Jessie says:

    Wow, Nikki’s hair and her eyes look really light against Saige’s!!!

  24. cinnamonswirlgirls says:

    :-) they r kind of different…..

  25. olivia says:

    i really want Saige but my mom says i have to save up for her my self :(

  26. gymnstgirl4 says:

    I have both Saige and Nicki they look so alike!!!! Like twins.

  27. gymnastgirl4 says:

    My name is actually gymnastgirl4 not gymnstgirl4 I had a typo.