Good Luck IvyIn September, American Girl will release its newest member of the historical doll line, Julie. Julie is a nine-year old girl in 1974, growing up in San Francisco along with her best friend Ivy. Their stories revolve around the events of the time from women’s rights, title IX, coping with a move, her parents’ divorce and more.

As a Mom, it is kind of hard to believe that “we” are now “history”! I don’t feel old enough to be history, but I was nine in 1977 and so many of my friends were 9 year olds in the 70s too. I am looking forward to discovering Julie and Ivy’s stories with my daughters. I’m sure that much of the history presented through the stories will mean more to me now than they did when it was actually happening.

Julie, Ivy and their collection are due out in the American Girl catalog, the web site and at the American Girl Place stores in September, but they are already starting to make news and create buzz. Here are links to some of the news stories I have found this week: