A Girl for All Time - Clementine, Matilda and Amelia

As we eagerly await the arrival of Clementine, the newest doll in the A Girl for All Time collection, I thought it would be fun to share a little news about the awards these lovely ladies are garnering and who is scheduled to join the line next.

From the A Girl for All Time press release:

Clementine Your 1940s Girl™ is the latest addition to the international award winning range of English historical play dolls, books and accessories in the new series, A Girl for All Time®.

Designed by British boutique toy company Daughters of History Ltd., founder Frances Cain has carefully crafted the range to appeal to modern girls aged 7 and over.

The brand has already captured the attention of doll enthusiasts on both sides of the Pond. A Girl for All Time® is the only British Brand to win the coveted ‘Industry Choice – Award of Excellence’ from DOLLS Magazine, and has been nominated ‘Playdoll of the Year 2013’.  The range sold out in only 10 days when it first appeared in Harrods luxury Toy Kingdom. Stateside, FAO Schwarz and a handful of New York boutiques have discovered these beautifully costumed dolls and now carry the entire range.

The series is cleverly developed to draw on the Key Stage 2 historical periods taught in primary schools across the UK, reflecting eras already familiar to today’s school children: Tudor, Victorian, WWII, Elizabethan, Restoration and Georgian. These periods are explored and beautifully recreated within the series, which follows the adventures of the first-born girls in the fictional Marchmont family through 500 years of history with exquisite dolls, thrilling novels and activity books, and gorgeous accessories.

Standing 16” tall, these beautifully crafted dolls are dressed in luxe costumes that echo the sumptuousness of days gone by. Designed to withstand endless play, the dolls have articulated limbs, and luxuriant hair that can withstand hours of brushing.

The enthusiasm from adults and children may come from a desire to swing back to a less digital childhood. With all the choices of this iGeneration to play with technology and gadgets, do girls still want to play with dolls? Yes! has been the resounding response from retailers, bloggers and industry experts.

“The idea for A Girl for All Time® came to me when discussing with friends the seeming lack of intelligent, age appropriate toys on offer for girls,” explains A Girl For All Time® founder Frances Cain, who moved to London from America nearly 20 years ago.  “Concerns about the ever-growing trend in age-compression (where younger and younger girls reach for older and older toys), combined with recent media coverage about unsuitable toys and clothing marketed at this age group, inspired me to try and create an age appropriate toy that allowed girls to celebrate their childhood in an intelligent and feminine way.”

And now some scoop! The following is what A Girl for All Time has PLANNED  with the approximate date ranges associated with the time period. Of course, the names and eras of the next girls are always subject to development planning. They may suddenly come up with some brilliant idea in the middle of the night and slightly change course – because that is just how this business works.

  • Sophia Your Georgian Girl (1714 to 1830) – release 2014
  • Olivia Your Restoration Girl (1660-1785) – release 2014
  • Elinor Your Elizabethan Girl (1558 to 1603) – release 2015

Which time period do think will be most interesting? Any guesses as to what the girls may look like?