Well, it looks like the May 22nd catalog from American Girl will have some new items and there will be some limited edition in-store only items, too like a cabana and a sundress. (Thanks Diana for letting me know)

This photo was posted on the American Girl Facebook page and it shows a new cabana, sundress and what looks like a shorts outfit, too.

According to one of readers: Parent magazine has an ad for American Girl’s summer destination 2014. There are new store exclusives including a tropical cabana and a sundress, plus it announced the Isabelle movie viewing event is in July. There’s also an enter to win a Delta Vacations Beach trip. It all starts May 22nd in stores.

It looks like a few fun months with AG on the way! If anyone gets a chance to see the new cabana up close in stores, send in photos! I may get to the AG store on Sunday, but it is only a very slight chance.