American Girl has been showing us teasers of their new spring releases, but they are on the website this morning. I am actually very impressed with these new items – they look fresh and even original by American Girl standards! So far I have found for the 18″ dolls:

Caroline’s Work Dress ($32) and her calf Garnet ($28) – I love the green with the pink.  What a sweet outfit!

The Sweet Spring Dress for dolls ($28) is a nice change for AG! It is a cream and gold knit dress with light pink flower, shoes and barrette. I am actually impressed with the originality of this outfit.

Oh, I just love the Plaid Party outfit ($30)! I think hair barrettes must be AG’s favorite accessory at the moment, and this dress is just cute! I love that the skirt has an offset button detailing to it. Well done AG – this one is cute!

Are you ready to go for a spin? The new Cycling outfit is adorable – even at ($28). Even though they used purple with the yellow, I bet this could be used with the 2-in-1 running outfit pieces as well.

American Girl took a cue from the color of the year – Emerald – for their super adorable Easy Breezy outfit ($28) for spring/summer. I just love the mix of patterns and the colors are so fresh for American Girl. 

The Lots of Dots Bath Wrap is $24 and includes the bath wrap, slippers and head band. Again, I feel like this is fresh – I am beginning to wonder if AG has hired some new designers to their staff.

Hmmmm… this one has me confused a bit. They are limited edition Floral PJs for Molly ($24). With so much talk about Molly being the next to be archived, this is definitely a twist! But then again, they are calling the pjs limited edition and they are calling my name. 

So, what do you think? I know there are new party sets, a trail bike, a pet trailer, a limited edition bed and bedding for Molly and a few other goodies, but I thought I would just check out the new outfits first. I can honestly say, that of all the new releases over the past few years, this is my favorite batch! Good job AG. Now I had better get saving!