While we are having fun with shoes today, how about taking a look at the new shoes from Our Generation?

The new shoes in the Our Generation Collection are $6.99 per pair and can be found at Target.

Here is an overall view of  the new shoes that I recently found at some of the Target stores.  I did not get all that were available, they did have red glittering shoes and a pair of dark silver with a polka dotted purple bow on top. I decided to skip those for now.

Here is a closer look at each pair, we start with the orange track shoes, they are made of all vinyl with real shoe laces, the lavender dress shoes are made out of material and have a silk-like white pedal flower on top, and one of my favorites are the fur boots.  These are short boots but very cute and they have Velcro on the back to the close and they have rubber bottoms, nicely made.

Our next set are the hot pink rubber rain boots with a flower on the side, oh so adorable!  The royal blue High tops with glittering shoes laces look so real, I almost wanted to wear them myself.  Now my all time favorite are these cool pink embroidered boots with a side zipper.  Now these are Saige’s and Nikki’s favorites.

So who can wear these shoes besides the OG Dolls? Let’s take a look:

Sophie (Gotz) and Nikki (AG)

Alexis (Kidz n Cats) and Meredith (JG)

Rieke (Kidz n Cats) and Laurel (Just Pretend or Carpatina)

Which is your favorite?

Fun Facts:
Both slim line dolls and full line (AG, Madame Alexander, OG,) can wear these shoes.
Overall these shoes are very well made and half the price of the AG shoes.