New Saige Craft Kits

American Girl continues their partnership with EK Success with new craft kits for girls inspired by GOTY 2013 Saige.

American Girl Saige Stickers

American Girl Crafts Stacked Stickers, 2013 Girl of The Year Saige – There are a set of Saige stacked stickers which are very cute and can be used in scrapbook layouts, cards, bulletin boards and so much more.

American Girl Saige Bracelet Kit

American Girl Crafts Beaded Bracelets and Rings Kit, 2013 Girl of The Year Saige – This set contains all the supplies to make 3 girl sized bracelets and 2 rings but I think with a little creativity, you could make doll sized pieces that match the girl sized ones pretty easily.

American Girl Saige belt craft kit

American Girl Crafts Wrap and Bead Belt Kit, 2013 Girl of The Year Saige – Another girl sized craft kit inspired by Saige, this is a belt you make by wrapping it with floss and beads. I think this would fun to make using an inexpensive belt and different ribbon, duck tape, yarn or a mix of different materials.

American Girl Saige Window Hanger craft kit

American Girl Crafts Blue Sky Window Hanger Kit, 2013 Girl of The Year Saige – The Blue Sky Window hanger kit includes a printed window hanger, stickers, flocking and cord, plus a project and idea booklet. While it looks like it makes multiple balloons, it is really one piece.

If you remember, last year AG released a bunch of McKenna inspired craft kits, but they didn’t come out until she was almost gone. Hopefully these are just the first set and they will release a few more. You can buy the craft sets on Amazon or in most craft stores.

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  1. Firstie! Those are really cute! I’m definitely getting the stickers. I love AG stickers! xD Also I probably will get the hot-air-balloon window stickers. I LOVE those things!!!! XD

  2. lanielover says:


  3. lanielover says:


  4. lanielover says:

    Sorry paige!

  5. Char: I belive that the purse and compass are avalable with the hot air ballon.

  6. Oh, duh! Yes, they are. I just don’t have that set yet…

  7. cool! i just got her art craft set yesterday! like the one that comes with the canvases and her books. =)

  8. cool………….I have P.A day today :-)

  9. I know how to make the stacked stickers Char. Could I possibly maybe send in a tutorial???

  10. Cute!!!

  11. Allie – sure – that would be fun

  12. Cool! I love the belt craft 😉

  13. Those stickers are cute!

  14. Char: I keep on forgetting but could I post a tutorial maybe on how to make duct tape back packs? I’ve been really busy lately with school and violin and stuff…

  15. I like the stickers and the jerewlry craft looks awesome too,

  16. What does xD mean?

  17. Someone must be using emoticons on a iPod or iPhone but this software can’t read them.

  18. Thanks for sharing Char! :)

  19. SAIGE STICKERS!?!?!?!?!?

    That’s it, once as leave school today, I’ve got some shopping to do at Party City, the mall, and A.C. Moore! XD

  20. Cute! Loving the stickers!

  21. awesome. im in love. oh mooooooom! time to go shopping

  22. I wish they had crafts for dolls in the Saige line!!

  23. School was cancelled today

  24. StoryTeller says:

    I like the bracelets and the balloon craft. I bet instructions for bracelets like that can be found on the web, though, without having to buy the craft kit. The balloons, on the other hand, might be worth buying… : )

  25. i love saige so much i bet i will go get her stickers and put it on my bedroom XD

  26. lucky i have schoool


    please vote for my story on the Harmony Club dolls FB page! its #3!

  28. I tried to find the Saige stickers today… and I didn’t find anything. :(

  29. I absolutely loove these!! Hopefully i will get at least the stickers i love them

  30. I probably wont find these in stores…………..unless they are sold in canada………I want the stickers

  31. Awesome!!

  32. Love the last kit!!

  33. We were just at Michael’s today and saw these. There is also one to make a pillow shaped like Saige’s dog (that’s the one we got). They also had a really cool doll sized scrapbook kit. Very cute!

  34. @Rachel h,
    xD is a laughing face, x is closed eyes, and D is a giant grin! :)

  35. @kananirulz
    Yeah…That’s exactly what I did with McKenna. xD

  36. @Susan Oh, Michael’s… I went to AC Moore today.
    TO MICHAEL’S WE GO!!! (Tomorrow). :3

  37. lanielover says:

    Went to micheals and saw them!