New Saige Commercial

American Girl posted a new Saige commercial on their channel yesterday. Take a look:

I think AG did a pretty good job with this one – from showing girls actually playing with Saige and her collection to showing the unique things about her collection like her ring and the fact that Picasso can bend her leg. What do you think of it?

PS – THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for all the kind words yesterday. I don’t think I have been that sick in the past 20 years and am very grateful that it was just a 24 hour stomach bug. I’m not 100% today, but at least my head isn’t glued to my pillow like it was yesterday. I am going to focus on uploading all the reader photo contest entries that have come in first and then the Doll of the Day and Throwback Thursday featuring Jess this afternoon. If you have any photos of Jess and her collection, there is still time to send them in.

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  1. keely says:

    I need my little saige

  2. Nina says:

    Char- Glad you’re feeling better!

    Lena and miss piggy=awesome-I use a brush on Caroline and Lanie. All you do is brush the ends.

  3. AB says:

    AG makes commercials?! Is this new or have i not been paying attention?

  4. Lena says:

    ^Not paying attention. They’ve been making them since 2010, but they’ve only been broadcast of Nick and Disney.

  5. Jazzie says:

    Char, I’m so glad you feel better! 😀

    Ah, this commercial makes me want to go play with some dolls and do their hair… might as well go ahead and do it!

  6. sabrina says:

    The commercial should’ve at least had what she came with…

  7. ownerof4agdolls says:

    Which Channels are their commercials on?

  8. Aileen says:

    I have Nick and Disney on practically all day cuz of my son and I’ve never seen an AG commercial before.

  9. AB says:

    Thanks lena. I don’t usually watch live tv so i normally just fast forward the commercials- except for when I’m watching football. Those 7 year olds are super funny

  10. Paige says:

    This is so cute! AG did a really good job with this one in my opinion.

  11. Teeny says:

    Ag did a good job. Love it. Tomorrow getting Saige at Denver!!

  12. april says:

    I think its very cute for the most part. maybe AG’s best so far.

  13. Sierra says:


  14. Keely and Cecilia says:

    Unfair! If this ag store in Orlando had been ready it December I could have went because I was in Florida for ten days!

  15. alexis says:

    that is so cool i have Saige because my mom and dad let me get her and i knew before hand she was girl of the year for 2013 on facebook

  16. myag says:

    sabrina it did say what she came with

  17. sabrina says:

    No, it just talked about Saige’s story. It did show what she came with but didn’t explain all of it

  18. Barbie says:

    Wut channel is it on?

  19. april says:

    The only few times I have seen it were on youtube…