First of all, THANK YOU ALL, for all the fabulous well wishes. My surgery went really well and I am resting comfortably in the recliner with my laptop now.

Second, some of our fabulous readers visited their local American Girl stores yesterday to see the new releases first hand and were kind enough to send them in. Here is the first batch from Willsbardgirl who visited the Kansas City AG store and took a few photos for us. More coming later this afternoon.


Today I went to the American Girl Store in Kansas City, to check out the new items. Here are some things I noticed.

American GIrl Pants Hangers

The new hangers for bottoms would be very helpful for those with doll closets. They have the AG stars embossed into the front.

American Girl Winter Fun Outfit

The jacket is cute, but the quality falls short of American Girl standards.

American Girl shoes

Here are the new shoes from the summer release, Bow Tie Moccasins and Purple Espadrilles. The moccasins would go great with the Frosty Fair Isle outfit.

American Girl Holiday Brocade Dress

The Brocade Holiday Dress would look good with the handbag from last year.

Saige Necklace for Girls

American Girl Saige Wrap Bracelet for Girls

American Girl now has some Saige-inspired jewelry for girls. They are details from her collection modified to fit girls.

Saige Woven Bracelet

Another “Saige like girl jewelry” is called Saige’s Woven Bracelet and is only available in the AG stores.

American Girl Pet Bed and Bowl

The Sleep and Snack Pet Bed is made completely out of plastic, but the design is nice.


Thanks again Willsbardgirl for taking time to send these in!