By JGKelsey

At my local Targets I found a few new outfits; some standard and deluxe sets. These are the ones that I thought were the most unique and were worth picking up.


“Sweet Strawberry” has a mint green tank top with fireflies screened on it randomly. It comes with light blue overall shorts with a heart shaped pocket on the front, a “leather” strawberry purse, sunglasses, and the standard plastic low cut OG sneakers. A cute spring outfit.


Another standard outfit, named “Summer of Style”, comes with a short-sleeved, textured red hoodie, a yellow cotton skirt, a gel plastic shoulder bag, two plastic bracelets, and light blue plastic slip on shoes. The shoes have little stars imprinted into them…kind of cute. The bracelets are square with a circular middle. Neat set!


The third standard set is my favorite! It’s called “Roll With It” and it’s a Rollerblade set. Obviously it has Rollerblades in this set. They aren’t fancy, but they work well. The boot is just slip on, no buckles. The wheels are wide enough to allow the doll to stand though. The set also includes a thin plastic safety helmet, a t-shirt with an iron on sun, light pink soft cotton shorts, and fabric knee pads. Love this set!


There are four new Deluxe sets that I found. Usually the deluxe sets have more accessories, nicer shoes, and fancier outfits, as well as a little higher cost. The first set is one of the most unique sets I have seen…and I love it. “Reach New Heights” is a climbing outfit complete with harness (with a little carabiner), fabric climbing shoes, an Under Armor style t-shirt, soft climbing pants, and another helmet. I can’t wait for my dolls to go climbing safely!


“Bright as the Sun” is a beautiful off-white sleeveless summer dress with tiny hearts on it and a pink bow at the waist. The set comes with heart shaped sunglasses, a light jean jacket with embroidered hearts on the neckline, a yellow plastic purse (same material as the shoes are usually made out of), and fabric sandals. The dress is very light and airy. It looks like a perfect dress for a warm summer day.


Summer is complete without going to the beach. The new “Under the Sea” outfit will help with that. It as a bright orange and pink tankini, orange plastic flippers, a aqua collared scuba mask and snorkel, an aqua colored towel, and a few seashells (and a starfish). I love the snorkel. I have and Alexis doll that would love to use that in the water!


Finally, the last set is a rhythmic gymnastics set. It has fabric ballet shoes, a deep pink leotard with a separate skirt, a hair scrunchy, a hula hoop, a rhythmic ribbon and a small blue floor mat. I really like the hula hoop, but it barely fits around the dolls waist.

Keep your eye out or these new outfits. If you see them, pick them up, since often times OG items are hard to find again.

Do you have a favorite?
Will you be searching for any of the outfits?