So, today is the day we have been talking about – the day where the new summer release items are added to the American Girl website and should be in stores, too – AND the OFFICIAL announcement of Molly and Emily’s retirement.

Official Molly and Emily retirement

You will be able to purchase Molly, Emily and items from their collection while supplies last. ¬†Honestly, I don’t think they are going to disappear overnight, but expect most of their collection to be gone by Christmas.

All of the new outfits are now online as well. Will any be added to your wish list?

And some of the new accessories – yes, the Science Lab is definitely being added to our collection!

There are four new background scenes you can purchase. I am actually most interested in these. The price point is much lower than I had expected so I am super curious about how they compare to the backgrounds I have from My Doll’s Life and Itz Purple. The website says they are 39″ wide x 22″ tall and fold to 22″ wide. I will definitely pick up the classroom scene and maybe the park scene when we go to AG next. Also, there are sound apps that are free to download that go with the scenes – now that is a new twist.

What are your thoughts on the new items? Honestly, I think this is one of American Girl’s better releases in quite some time – there were some great surprises this time around, too. As for Molly and Emily’s retirement, I can understand it. They need to make room for a new character and they can not compete against the secondary market for their own doll anymore.