Remember when Laura came back from Toy Fair and we mentioned that The Queen’s Treasures has some pretty cool things in store for this year, well, here is one of them! The Queen’s Treasures is one of the licensees for the Little House on the Prairie brand – which according to the press release, means an 18″ Laura Ingalls doll is on its way!

“The Queen’s Treasures has been granted rights to produce and sell Doll Houses and Doll Accessories (including clothes and furniture) for 15” and 18” sized Dolls as well as a ‘Laura Ingalls’ 18” sized Doll and even a Doll Wagon, all inspired by Little House on the Prairie characters and settings.” –Read the entire press release.

How exciting is that? You know that doll wagon is going to be amazing and I can only imagine all the fun accessories and furniture pieces they are going to come up with. We will definitely keep you posted as the products become available!