I was just looking at Pottery Barn Kids online when I saw THIS:

Limited Edition Gotz dolls of the World

These are new LIMITED EDITION Gotz dolls! From left to right we have Mei from China, Zola from Kenya, Prita from India and Carmen from Mexico. The dolls are 18″ tall, are made by Gotz for Pottery Barn Kids and sell for $99. I am going to visit the PBKids store today and will try to get some decent photos from my iPhone if they have them in the store. 

18" doll boy

They have also added a BOY to their 18″ doll offerings. Meet Henry, an 18″ boy doll from Gotz that comes wearing a polo shirt, khaki pants, tennis shoes and a jacket. For those of you who are making boy dolls from your AGs, this might be a good alternative or a source for boy clothes.

Gotz dolls at PBKids

You can see Henry in along side the four Gotz dolls (Megan, Maya, Marianne and Ashleigh) Pottery Barn Kids has been carrying for a while. This series of dolls are $89 and they have some pretty cute outfits and accessories that should work with your other 18″ dolls, too.

Gotz mini dolls

Gotz also has a line of 6.5″ mini dolls just like American Girl and Corolle. They are from left to right: Maya, Megan, Ashleigh and Marianne. The mini dolls are $22.00.

For more information on this line and the other items they have, check your local Pottery Barn Kids store or the PBKids.com website.