Two recent visits to two different Target stores have made one thing very clear to me – the new items from Our Generation are fantastic! While I still am not a fan of their dolls (remember, that’s just MY opinion – Natalie thinks some of them are really pretty), I think their accessories and furniture are a really great value and add to your 18″ doll collections nicely.

For example:

Our Generation Scooter for 18" dolls

How absolutely CUTE are these scooters? I just love that the back wheel is wider than the front one for stability. They have a fun modern design, come with a helmet, and are certainly sturdy enough for daily play. And the price tag? A very reasonable $40. Did we buy one? Nope, not last night. While it is super cute, I had to stick to my list of buying just school supplies… boo.

Our Generation doll items

Madelon has also been noticing the new Our Generation items recently, too, and she also noted what I feel is an increase in the quality and play value of the items. Madelon spotted the Treat Seat complete with a place setting and I think the new purple rain boots are the cutest things ever! Madelon likes the stylish gray outfit with fabric black boots and I love the hat accessory pack with the iPod in it. These are just a few of the new things from Our Generation I noticed. I think the accessory packs and shoes are definitely my favorite.

Our Generation doll outfit

This Our Generation outfit is one of Madelon’s favorites.

What do you think? Have you seen any of the new Our Generation items? Have any favorites?