It is always nice to see the reviews from Toy Fairs (Germany and NY) which show us the new doll items for our doll world.  Usually the smaller companies show us the prototypes.  Based on orders and feedback,  items get produced for a fall release, so we have to wait.   The larger companies like Toys R Us (Journey Girls), Mattel, Target (Our Generation), etc usually show us what is already being mass produced and do not wait for orders or feedback  from buyers, this is where we, the doll lovers, have fun looking and hunting in the stores for the new items, since most are surprises.  Two of  my favorite mass production companies are TRU and Target or as we all know their products:  Journey Girl and Our Generation.  Their items have started arriving at the stores, lets take a look.

Journey Girls:

The new 2015 Journey Girls dressed in outfits for their Italian journey have not arrived at the stores, but their accessories have. Which accessories would you use on your favorite doll?

I love the colors for 2015, this is one of my favorite sets.

Get  ready to go shopping in Italy!

This one is more on the casual side and ready for sightseeing.  Add this one to my list of favorites.

I love the Italian Riviera, ready to get some sun!

I found the inside of the boxes very interesting in capturing the adventure going to Italy.

A closer look at the ticket, oh no we have to wait until December 31st, 2015?  Hopefully this is the return ticket!

I love the luggage tag,  look closely and you will see the three places the JG girls have traveled to: Paris, London and now Italy. 

We will need to see what outfits will show up soon at the stores, hopefully before Easter since there are usually sales around that time frame. 

Now lets look at Our Generation:

On the other hand Our Generation started to release new Spring and Summer outfits, but not the accessories.  Lets check them out and see which ones are your favorites.  The outfit above is a romper with a light sweater.

Ready to go see the rodeo?  This would be a perfect outfit.

This outfit is called Country Fair, would this be a hint of what may be released as the theme for this year with OG?

This outfit almost came home with me, I find the colors fun, but the shoes were too plain.

Talking about shoes, this outfit made it home!  Look at the shoes, these are the first time this style is used by OG.  This one is another one of  my favorites.

I could not resist this cute little cat, yes it is beige cat!  Even though this set is suppose to be a PJ, I fine it has a lot more potential, more on this one later. 

I found this outfit was perfect timing, since although most northern states are having snow, South Florida is having Rain! I would love to see an accessory pack with the perfect umbrella to match this set.

The last item I found was the new Scrollwork bed, which is white for 2015.  I love the pillows that come with this set.

They look to be enjoying a fun sleepover, wondering what secrets they are sharing?

Now for some fun with mix and matching a couple of  the sets which made it home. 


Brittney (My Salon Doll) and Emily ( Happy Kidz Gotz) modeling the JG accessories and the OG PJ outfit.   The PJ is a pair of shorts and top, it also comes with a night wrap, but the shorts and top are so cute they can be worn as casual wear as Emily is wearing it with the scarf from the JG accessory set.  The bling bracelet comes with the accessory set as well as the Journey Girls bag carrying her cat.  Emily’s shoes are from Springfield and fit nicely.  Brittney is wearing an outfit from the JG London collection and the casual accessory set  from the Italian collection.

Lily and Anna also love to model the new accessories and JG outfit.  Lily is wear an AG outfit but the colors go very well with the JG accessories. I love the backpack and the sandals, so ready to backpack through Italy.  Anna loves the casual beachy look and this OG outfit is perfect on her.  She is wearing the sandals which came  in the OG PJ set.  The bracelet came with the OG outfit but I made her necklace.  The straw bag is from a Kidz n Cats set. The blue sunglasses are part of this OG set. 

I love to mix n match because it allows me to create new looks, these girls decided to meet at the park gazebo to plan the adventure through Italy.

Are you ready to create new looks and styles?

Fun Facts:
1. Most of the pictures from the OG collection were photos taken at Target so the outfits are in stores as of the time of  this article being written.  Only two outfits made it home.
2. The JG accessory sets fit and go with any size 18 inch doll, so they can be added to any collection.
3. All the dolls used are part of my collection.