I think my biggest disappointment at the BeForever debut yesterday was coming to the realization that my own daughters are too old to wear the fabulous new Inspired by BeForever line of American Girl clothes for girls!! The new pieces are fabulous! Each BeForever character has an outfit for girls that was inspired by her new outfit and given a modern day twist. Take a look.

But first a quick hello from Natalie who was posing at the BrForever board that eventually got covered by stickers the girls got to write on. 

Samantha BeForever Inspired outfit for girls

Samantha’s BeForever inspired outfit for girls is a Pink Polka-Dot dress with burgundy belt/sash. The dress is $58 and comes in sizes 6-16. A matching rose headband is available for $12.

American Girl Kit inspired BeForever outfit for girls

The Garden Bloom outfit inspired by Kit is just adorable! Our friend Belle who was with us is 9 and absolutely loved this outfit – I should have take a photo of her holding up the pieces and trying on the hat – it was too cute. The Garden Bloom set is three pieces – the top is $32, the skirt is $42 and the hat is $22.

American Girl Kit inspired BeForever outfit for girls

A close up of the label – so  pretty! 

American Girl Addy inspired BeForever outfit for girls  

I am just loving this shade of blue they used in Addy’s new dress – although I will say, that Addy’s new dress reminds me a lot of Cecile’s red holiday dress. Its all good though!! The girl sized Ribbon Trimmed Sundress is a sweet outfit that I can easily see girls wearing to school, church, birthday parties or any occasion really. It is $42.

American Girl Caroline inspired BeForever outfit for girls

Personally I do not know very many little girls who would wear a dress like Caroline’s to school so I just love the modern take on it that American Girl used for the Jacket and Jeggings set. The Lacy Ribbon top ($32) is paired with cuffed pink jeggings ($38)  and it is pulled together with a uniform inspired silver sparkle jacket ($48). The nice part about this outfit is that you can buy the pieces separately and mix and match them.

American Girl Josefina inspired BeForever outfit for girls

Josefina’s meet outfit stayed basically the same and I just love the bright reddish orange of her skirt paired with the bright blue. 

American Girl Josefina inspired BeForever outfit for girls

Megan loves the Desert Flower Tunic Dress for girls ($52)  that is inspired by Josefina’s outfit. She would absolutely wear something like this and for a moment I thought she was going to go try this on in the store.

American Girl Julie inspired BeForever outfit for girls

When I saw the girl sized outfits inspired by Julie I immediately thought of two things – LAURA and all the new tie-dye project inspiration we now have and CROCHET as in I know what I am making for Julie this winter – a hat and a vest!

The Peace Petals outfit consists of an ombre tee with the peace petals design ($32), and tie dye belted denim skirt ($38), flower power leggings ($24), a crocheted flower hat ($16) and a tie dye tote ($28). Again great mix and match pieces that my girls would have definitely wanted when they were 7-10 years old.

  American Girl Kaya inspired BeForever outfit for girls

So the Fun Fringed outfit inspired by Kaya is one of my favorites! This could have easily been part of Saige’s collection and the balnket sweater ($68) is very similar to the one they sold (successfully!!) while Saige was available. The Steps High tank top is super cute with red crochet trim, hi-low hem line and horse graphic ($26) while the fringed skirt is just awesome. The faux suede skirt is $48 and the fringe detailing really makes it special. 

American Girl Rebecca inspired BeForever outfit for girls

Rebecca’s new outfit is just so much nicer in person than in the stock photos! The material is rich and the detailing is just perfect. 

American Girl Rebecca inspired BeForever outfit for girls

The Pretty Plum dress is $48 and is made of a plum herringbone fabric with a Peter Pan collar, velvety bow, pleated skirt and off set button detailing. So classic!!

American Girl Project Runway

When we were at checkout the big poster on the wall had a small advertisement for an upcoming Project Runway episode that will feature Beforever as the inspiration. How cool is that? So set your DVR and record/watch Project Runway on September 18 on Lifetime – I am sure the episode is going to be so much fun.

Have any of you ever played with the site Polyvore.com? It is a site where you can search a huge database of fashions and create outfits/looks that you love. Natalie has been playing with Polyvore all summer long and has made quite a few modern day outfits inspired by her favorite Broadway characters, Disney characters and classic cartoons. You can certainly use any of the American Girl historical/BeForever outfits and create your own inspired outfit/look. Have you ever tried it? 

Again, I personally think this was a very well thought out move by American Girl that will get a new generation of girls interested in history. Remember, what worked in 1986 isn’t necessarily going to work now. American Girl is evolving, just as the likes and play patterns of our girls are. Rather than being upset at the changes, I think you have to applaud AG for being creative, taking risks and finding new ways to engage our imaginations!

Ok, now your turn. Discuss…