New Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls Coming in July

Hearts for Hearts Girls 2012

From left to right: Mosi representing the Navajo Nation, Zelia representing Brazil and Lauryce representing New Orleans with a tie in to Haiti.

Remember these cuties from my Toy Fair report? According to the Hearts for Hearts Girls Facebook page Lauryce (who had the possible name of Rue when we first saw her at Toy Fair) and Zelia will be released online and in stores on July 10th. Mosi does not have a specific release date as of yet.

Lauryce is definitely on my shopping list as soon as I see her in stores!

A portion of the profits from each doll and outfit will be donated to a non-profit organization that helps children from each of the girls’ countries. Each doll also comes with a code you can use to unlock a free membership at With the free membership girls can learn more about their doll and the country, culture and people she represents. There are also games that every girl can play – with or without a code.


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  1. cute and FIRSTIE

  2. wonder if loinsgate told them that rue was trademarked

  3. secondie!!! i want lauryce.

  4. and how tall are they

  5. I love Zelia (a sucker for red heads, being one myself) and Lauryce the best. I just love Lauryce’s outfit! Hey Char, is there any chance you’d be getting the Disney Store Merida doll? I wanted a good review on it. Or if someone else has her and would like to tell me about her. Not the expensive one, the original one. Thanks!

  6. I just got the last outfit I needed for the 6 girls I have, time to start saving for Lauryce & Zelia!

  7. cute

  8. They are 14″ tall

  9. Pretty Irish AG says:

    They might make great little sisters for my dolls

  10. I want Msi so bad she is adorable

  11. Ooops I meant Mosi

  12. i want the one with red hair!

  13. Anastasia says:

    I really like Mosi. She is so pretty.

  14. Lauryce is so cute………… Oh man! I’ve gotten too much doll stuff lately

  15. Isabella says:

    When I read Rue I imeediatly thought HUNGER GAMES!

  16. Cute!

  17. AGLover says:

    I love the Hearts 4 Hearts dolls! I have Consuelo and these look really cool! The main reason I bought them was because of the donation though so she’s just kind of sitting there and then I’ll donate her to a toy drive.

  18. i hope they add one from israel someday

  19. I love the H4H girls! I have Dell and Nahji, and I’m so excited for all the new releases this year!

  20. The H4H girls are sooooooo adorable!! :)

  21. Hey, Doll Diaries, our two new dolls will be available online starting July 10th! Thought you’d like to know!

  22. Heartmaster – thank you so much for letting us know. So excited for their release.

  23. Sarah:D says:

    I love Laurayce is my favorite!

  24. Sarah:D says:

    I mean: I love Laurayce! She’s my favorite!

  25. whos new dolls? who is hearmaster?

  26. Gail – Heartmaster is one of the reps from the company that makes the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls.

  27. Cool!! Yhey would make good little sisters. Bitty Babies are too big.

  28. Great news! I’ve been waiting eagerly for these, although I’m a bit disappointed Mosi isn’t out yet. I think she’s going to be my fave from the entire line.

  29. I wish we could get these in Australia, or at least shipped to Australia. We are in love with them!

  30. If I get one, I’m gonna rename it Rue … LOL :)

  31. I’m getting Conseulo for a graduation present in a few days! So excited! She’s beautiful isn’t she?

  32. I did too, Isabella! :)

  33. I love these! me and my firend got soooo mad that they went out yet but my firend is a a camp named janeva glenn. cant wait to see the dolls! ILOVE ZELIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dose anybody konw when mosi comes out? my firend want rue. or wait i mean. well opps. how do you pronounce rues new name?

  35. <(")

  36. Katie – the date for Mosi’s release is not available yet. Hopefully by September.

  37. thank you soooo much char. My friend just herd about the hearts for hreats doll company and she want mosi

  38. hearts

  39. Katie T. says:

    I can hardly wait!

  40. thanks everybody

  41. so dose anybody know the price of the new hearts 4 hrearts dolls?

  42. I heard that her name was going to be Rue but somehow Liongates (The Hunger Games) has that name Trakemarked! I’m getting her and renaming her Rue!

  43. Eri – she was named Rue when I saw her at ToyFair in February, but I think you are right that Lionsgate already had the name trademarked for a doll

  44. Anybody know the new hearts for hearts dolls price

  45. anybody know the prices?

  46. Corinne says:

    It is July 12 and Lauryce and Zelia are STILL not not on! Anyone know why? But they are on along with deluze Dell and deluxe Consuelo. Katie- They range from $25-$30. My Consuelo was $28.