So, I haven’t seen these dolls up close and personal yet, and these are stock photos the company sent to me, but the new line of Zeenie Dollz look interesting.

Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dollz™ are a new series of stylish, eco-friendly dolls made of 100% sustainable materials. Zennia, representing the personality of Mother Earth, is the first to be released next month.

Zennia - Zeenie Dollz

From the press release:

Meet Zeenie™ Dollz:

Saving the planet…that’s our style!™  Zennia is a fashion warrior on a mission to help preserve the environment! Part of a soon to be collection of Zeenie Dollz™, these girls are residents of Zeenhatan, named the fashion capital of the world.  In addition to their vivid colors and fabulous sense of style, each possesses a special power that helps in protecting the earth.

For this upcoming holiday season, Zeenie Dollz™ is releasing the limited edition Zennia as the first doll in the collection. Zennia is the giver and sustainer of life on Earth, and combats anti-environment villains that pose a threat to her and her world in her free time. Zennia will soon be joined by her five fashion and eco conscious friends to assist in the never ending battle with threats to the environment.

With saving the planet being Zeenie Dollz™ number one goal, a portion of every sale is donated to the World Wildlife Foundation®.  (Coming soon at


I will say I love the colors in this doll and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the line. The dolls are 12″ tall and poseable – as you can see from her stock photos – these are obviously not finals because the poor girl’s hands are posed funky in the box.

After doing a little more research, it looks like there may be more girls in the line with names like Lina, Evee, Yana, Sini and Kazumi. Also, the photos are from a prototype and the final doll may not have the feather headdress.

It is always fun to see the new releases – there are quite a few I am really looking forward to seeing still. I will definitely share any new information I get with you as it becomes available.