This is the time of the year when the doll world awaits the  announcements of the new dolls and accessories to be released, but it is also an excellent time to find items at reduced prices to allow for the arrival of new items.  So the hunt begins for the deals, lets take a look.

These two dolls come from a line of dolls which was a big hit at Toy Fair 2014, and made it to many of our homes through 2014.  They are Alma and Lydia from the Paola Reina “Las Reinas de Paola”  collection.  They are 23″ tall but they are just as playful as their 18″ friends.   Alma and Lydia decided to walk their dogs at the park on this cold but beautiful day.

So what did we find for this two lovely girls?  Their outfis!  Yes, these dolls can wear Newborn baby clothes, so thanks to Target’s markdowns at the end of the season, we can find some wonderful new additions to their wardrobe collection.  Alma is wearing a three piece outfit which was modified slightly.  The onesie was cut and made into a t-shirt.  The leggings were brought in at each side to reduce the waist size.  Nothing was done to the jacket.  The boots are Newborn baby shoes.  The outfit was marked down to $7 and the boots to $3.   So how about Lydia’s outfit?  That was a onesie which was cut and then hemmed to make the dress.  I had an extra pair of  leggings in black from a previous outfit.  The boots are doll boots from Paola Reina.  The red onesie was reduced to $5.

A closer look at Lydia.  The outfit alone does not complete the look, so jewelry was added, her necklace and bracelet were made using beads that were marked down at Joann.  The ribbon used for the hair comes from the Target Dollar section used for scrap booking, several pieces come on a little roll for one dollar.

Alma’ s outfit  has a busy print so it doesn’t take a lot to complete her look.  Her beautiful long hair is styled and a simple clip is used on one side.

Continuing with our hunt for markdowns, this play gym had been on my radar for a while.  So it was the right time when Target put it on sale after the holidays.  The play gym is perfect for all types and size dolls, and it comes with two mini babies and extra mini toys: a mini wagon and scooter. It is Circo for Target.

Here Lily (Brujita from the Paola Reina collection), wears a pink Disney Mini Mouse t-shirt made from a Newborn onesie, which was cut.  Her skirt is part of the outfit that Lydia comes in, and Lily’s boots are Newborn baby shoes.  The onesie was $5 and the boots were marked down to $3.

A closer look at the play gym from Circo.  It has a slide that is attachable to the side and a swing which is the perfect size for the mini babies.   Here Emily (Gotz doll) is playing with her mini doll Grace, as she holds her hand to help her slide down.   While Berlin (Kathy Kruse doll) loves to gently push her mini baby on the swing.

A fun play day for our dolls!  Here we see the mini scooter which is the perfect size for the mini OG dolls, the scooter is included with as part of the play gym set.   This was a great purchase and would bring a lot of playtime for young and old, at a very reasonable price.

It is lots of  fun when we get a bargain for our doll collection, so keep an eye  for that clearance section!

What have you found lately?

Fun Facts:
1. All the dolls are part of my doll collection and are being used to show how well all size dolls can come together in a play scene.