This is a guest post from Rhonda at Living a Doll’s Life – thanks Rhonda for sharing your find with us!


I was at Hobby Lobby and checked their doll aisle. Next to the Make Me Your Friend clothing, I noticed a brand new clothing line for 18″ dolls: Tree House Studio. They typically make doll supplies, but today they had several historical outfits for $7.99. I loved their prairie style clothes and bought an outfit for my Kirsten. I used my 40% coupon and paid $4.79.
When I dressed Kirsten in the dress I was so surprised at all of the dressmaker details! This dress had eyelet lace, crocheted lace, embroidery and a sweet knitted vest. Also included were matching fabric ribbons.
They had a red regency style dress that would look great on Caroline, it had gloves included (stuffed in the sleeves), an Anne of Green Gables style dress with a straw hat and a large collection of shoes priced at $4.99. 
The outfits and shoes are similar to Springfield in quality. Each outfit typically includes accessories such as a vest, hat, cardigan sweater, jacket or gloves. I recommend this clothing, the quality for the price is incredible!
Next time you are at Hobby Lobby, these are definitely worth looking at!!