New Bitty Baby Book Series

Bitty Baby Books

I had heard about a new line of picture-books for little girls based on the Bitty Baby dolls and stories and when I stopped at the American Girl Publishing website today I saw this graphic with all the book covers. Now, my girls are obviously too old for Bitty Baby books, but if these would have been out when they were little I would have had to buy them all – just too cute!

There will be five books in the series to start with and the Bitty Baby and Me book will be available with four different cover illustrations. The series, which will be available in September,  is authored by Kirby Larson and illustrated by Sue Cornelison.

The titles (available for pre-order) are:

Bitty Baby and Me

Bitty Baby the Brave

Bitty Baby Loves the Snow

Princess Bitty Baby

Bitty Baby at the Ballet

I am so happy to see they are extending the Bitty Baby line – I was a little worried they were phasing it out for a while.

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  1. That looks cute. I’m glad that they haven ‘t forgotten Bitty Baby.

  2. lanielover says:

    Super adorable!

  3. In SEPTEMBER AG IS MAKING A DOLL WORK KIT,!!!!!!YOU CAN POST THAT ON your blog if you want to but, at American girl publishing they had a doll work kit that you could maybe preorder and it said available in September!!!! Yayayayayaya!!!

  4. Lily – I saw that one too

  5. So cute!!

  6. I like how the ‘Bitty Baby and Me’ has 4 different cover options so the doll of your choice is reflected in your book.
    The outfit the girl and doll are wearing look cute-not so much baby-ish, more to dress the doll like the girl, than the usual girl dressing like her doll.
    Let’s hope the Bitty Twins line gets a little TLC soon!

  7. Char give Megan the advice o update her blog more often i just found her site and it is really fun

  8. These books look so cute!

    It also looks like they’re updating the, “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Manners” and the, “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles.” I saw them under the Bitty Baby the Brave link.

  9. Sarah – I will. She has a TON of posts waiting to be finished…

  10. Char, will the winners for the giveaway be posted today?

  11. Where is the AG publishing site? Char, can you give me a link? I have never been to that site before :)

  12. The series looks nice btw, I think I will get it for some of my cousins who are Bitty Baby age. :)

  13. It is

  14. I’ll look into this for my pre-schoolers. Too cute!

  15. Thank you Char!

  16. Did anyone hear about Saige’s new summer story yet? I found it on medf2003’s video :)

  17. Oh yeah I saw that on the AG doll play blog

  18. Alisha C. says:

    They look cute! And looking at the covers I’m sure the new outfits will be lovely too :) Now if only they would at least give the Bitty Twins brand new starter outfits! lol

  19. Thanks char her shirt with the bow is really cute!

  20. What is a doll work kit exactly??????:/

  21. There is another new book called Doll work that is a diy book.

  22. :o!!! Bitty baby books!?!?! YAY!!!!!! I know I am way too old for this but I totally have to get them! ALL of them!

  23. sabrina says:

    I was hoping there’d be something new for Bitty Baby! For a while, I thought everyone forgot about Bitty Baby!

  24. Cute! I want to read them, though I’m WAY past target age. But, Bitties (as my four year old cousin calls them) are adorable for all ages!

  25. sabrina says:

    So cute!

  26. agelephantlover says:

    It is cool they came out with bitty baby books. I will probably get them for my little cousins that are about the right age for bitty baby. I hope they get some new things for the bitty twins soon since I am getting them soon.

  27. I think Barnes and Noble will have Bitty Baby books with stuffed animals in August. They are not showing photos yet. On tne Barnes and Noble website I put in the the search ” American Girl mini dolls”.

  28. I think Barnes and Noble will have Bitty Baby books with stuffed animals in August.
    Those can also be found on the American Girl Publishing site.