Diana finds the best deals on dolls to be rescued and she does an amazing job of restoring them to their original (or close to) state, too.

After going to the Diana Doll Hospital, here are Tally (from Toys R US dolls called Tally Tots) and Kingsley (from the Kingstate Company) .Each were less then $4.00 and I just had to rescue them.

Here we have  Tess (from Litttle Sisters) who went to pick up chinese food and ran into Tally, and of course Tess”s dog Goldie had to sniff Tally the newcomer.   Tally is wearing an outfit from the FAO 18″ doll line.

This is the Kingsley doll all cleaned up and looking beautiful.

Samantha and Nellie welcoming Kingsley to thier Era 1904, in the Ice cream parlor. The backdrop is Samantah’s Scenes & Settings whichDiana found in Craigslist for $35, including shipping.

I was just looking in ebay and I came across a doll that just called out to me, she looked to have auburn red hair and light eyes, the close up of her face just called out to me.  I could not tell who she was and neither did her seller. She was $69 and only one bid, the seller said she had lost her husband and was downsizing and needed a home for her dolls.  Well, I am a weak heart for rescuing dolls, and she was from Tallahassee Fla so shipping was just $5.44, so I bid and won and got her for $71,  So when I got her I was in shock! She was an original Molly, yes one of the originals with tan body, no tag and soft vinyl.

She has been loved and played with but no major marks, I cleaned her up and dressed her in the original clothes from West Germany, which I had.  What surprised me most was when I put on the eye glasses they fit perfect, they are the original eye glasses, which never fit very well on my other Molly.  I think my other Molly although it says Pleasant Company is a newer one with tags.   I immediately thought about you, I was not looking for her, I actually was looking for a Ruthie, which I found last night, another rescue at a very good price.

Thank you Diana! I can’t wait to see what you rescue next!