NEW American Girl Valentine’s Items

One of our readers, AGHoneySpot, visited the American Girl San Francisco store yesterday and they had some new items out already.

American Girl Valentine Set

The Pretty Pink outfit is $28 and includes a sleeveless dress, sandals and a bracelet.

American Girl Valentine Set

The Friends are Sweet set is $20.

It’s always fun to see the new items as they come out. Luckily neither one of these sets is a must have for me… I’ll save my money for something more exciting 😉

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  1. These sets are cute but I am not wasting my money on something that is only good for one day a year. Winter. okay. Otherwise… :-).

  2. booksandagdolls says:

    I really like the dress! And it’s not a bad price either. :)

  3. First pretty

  4. Cool! I really want that outfit!

  5. I saw both at the Houston store yesterday. The dress is cute in person- but our dolls do NOT need another pink dress. :) I did buy a cute store exclusive pajama set and Saige’s sparkle dress. Both are pink, but were too cute to pass up!

  6. They are cute but like Kelly said we dont need more pink, I most likely won’t be getting these, but then again…. if they go on sale at some point during the year then I might just get them, I’m not saying there expensive I just won’t pay $28 and $20 dollars for something that can be uses only one day a year, unless of course my sister buys them since her and I generally make up different days for our dolls for example: school days in the middle of summer or winter time in the middle of summer. Sorry theres so much there. Lol. :-)

  7. Meg_DollFanInAfrica says:

    The pretty pink dress would be great but I won’t be able to get to a store :-)

  8. Eh, not a must-have for me.

  9. really cute(;

  10. Emma:):):) says:

    CUTE!!!! I love that dress! I don’t like the other set though, it looks very CHEAP!!!!

  11. Char, are you going to do a farewell to Saige post??? If you do tell me because i would love to send in a picture or two!!! Thanks Char and please reply!

  12. the dress is cute, its simple but still dressy

  13. The dress is REALLY cute! I will probably add it to my collection. The accessories look very cheap and poorly made, but they are a good price. Overall I like the dress ALOT, the accessories not so much:(

  14. Hi all! I have been reading Doll Diaries for a while, but I’m new to commenting. I really like the Pretty In Pink outfit, but I think it’s a little overpriced for a dress, shoes, and a bracelet. I will probably not get it, but instead maybe purchase something else that is a better deal.

  15. Elizabeth and The Dolls says:

    These are cute!! Saving up for Isabelle…

  16. Neither are a must-have, but both really cute!

  17. I don’t care for the Friends Are Sweet set, but the Pretty Pink dress is cute. (Despite what people are saying about wearing it one day a year, I think it could be worn all spring/summer.) I won’t be buying it, though, because I could make the entire set for little or no money. I think AG should have priced it at $24 instead, but it doesn’t matter much to me, since I won’t be spending it.
    Is anyone else wondering the purpose of the string with conversation hearts on it? Is it supposed to be a belt or bracelet or what?

  18. I have $100 and can’t decide what to spend it on. I am using our generation stuff and may get Isabelle.

  19. The dress is kind of cute but a little too girly for my tastes. I am saving for Isabelle anyway so I will not be picking up that dress anytime soon, or possibly at all. :)

  20. crazy4chrissa says:

    Hi Jade!! Welcome to DollDiaries!! I am very happy that you are on here and it’s cool that you are commenting now!! :)
    I am not sure about the new stuff, yet… I know I LOVE THOSE PINK SHOES!!!! :) The dress is pretty cute, but I just wish I could figure out what the front was supposed to be a picture of!! LOL.
    Molly W. I think that the string with conversation hearts might be like a decoration to just hang up in your dolly area!! :)

  21. I think the 2 things are OK but I can’t see me buying either since I already have a valentines day dress for my dolls…but I could see my sister getting the dress since that’s the kind of outfits she likes….

  22. Kristen L. says:

    Cute! But I must see it in person or catalog first…

  23. The dress is cute,the best part are the sandals,but the colour is always pink,not my favourite

  24. Yes Char, please tell us if you are doing a farewell post for Saige, I would love to send in photos!!!

  25. I don’t really like the dress, pink really isn’t my favorite color. But I do like the sandals and bracelet though (: The best friends set looks kinda cheep and a waist of money.

  26. I saw this outfit Saturday at AGP Atlanta. It’s cute, but overpriced in my opinion. They also had a new tennis outfit and new store exclusives. The tennis outfit came with a purple shirt, white skirt, and I think a cap, racket, and tennis ball were included. If I remember correctly, the price for the tennis outfit was $38.

  27. Hannah – That tennis outfit sounds interesting! Dang that’s a pretty steep price though.. :(

  28. I went to the AG store in LA and I saw those too!

  29. its cute but I wont be getting it my cousin might though its right up her ally

  30. Mmm, cute but not worth my money.

  31. The pic kinda make the dress look gold, but maybe it’s the glare of the glass. Neither one of these are something I’d buy.

  32. Allison that’s the exact same with my sister it’s right up my sisters ally to!

  33. Thanks for using my pictures! The outfit looks better in person but the accessories seem cheep and poor quality

  34. Ehh..not my favorite. I think it’s just mean of AG to have such high prices. I mean, $20 for like, 5 doll things that you could easily make?! It’s insane! And sad people will actually buy that. :p

  35. The pretty pink dress reminds me of something you would get at Juicy couture :)

  36. booksandagdolls says:

    I’ve finally figured out what the front of the dress says. It says “LOVE” and I’m sure it could be a casual dress! At least it doesn’t say Happy Valentines Day so you can have your doll wear it casually. It’s a little overpriced (like what I said in my first comment) and should be priced more at $15 but what do you expect from AG? Cute enough and I will buy when my friend and I go to the AG place Wednesday! 😀 😀 😀

  37. @ AGInParadise Ikr…AG has to stop raising their prices at some point…it’s getting kinda crazy how high most of their things are.

  38. I am in love with the Pretty Pink set! I might just get that with Isabelle 😀

  39. I know that ag is also coming out with the souvenir set witch is $20.00 and that they are coming out with a new exclusive t shirt, shorts, and pjs.

  40. Cute! I SOOOOO want Isabelle!!!!! I’m going to save up to buy her if it takes all year, which it might. 😀

  41. mygirloftheyear says:

    I’m so excited!! I love the dress and I had seen a picture of it on #56 before, it was perfect for her and I own #56. I wish it weren’t so expensive though….

  42. I got the catalogue on christmas eve !

  43. I really really want the valentine set!!!!!!

  44. The new store exclusives that I saw Saturday were a new red t-shirt that had a really cute graphic on the front, pink shorts with red trim, and pajamas that had shorts and an adorable pink wrap-around style shirt. They also had exclusive accessories; a headband, gray flats with polka dots, and a purse.

  45. Hello Jade!

  46. misspiggy=awesome says:

    The dress is too pink and floofy and ew for me, although maybe I’ll change my mind. The set looks kind of cheap…

  47. It is cute, but sleeveless in February is not practical. I had friends that would get on my case for wearing pink in stead of red on Valentine’s day. I didn’t care, but now I am leaning on their side.

  48. I got the magazine today, Isabelle has so much stuff INDIVIDUALLY I am happy that I won’t have to buy full outfits. The pink dress, I just think the whole set would be so easy to make. Pink tank top, pink ruffle skirt attached, do an iron on graphic or something.