As 2014 comes to a close American Girl releases in-store exclusive items and Valentine items, since February is around the corner.  So let’s take a close look at what was released….

Valentine PJs ($24), Pet Valentine set ($18) and Lounge chair/bed ($48), all new items.

The following pictures show how the lounge chair becomes a bed.

Head board has to be down for doll to fit.

knitted blanket is very nice

Swimsuit and Beach Bag set sold separately.

Casual set – each piece sold separately.  Top $10, Pants $12 and tennis shoes $14

Also new are these black socks and sandals, sold as a set for $14

Matching Girls outfit

Party set $34

New purses

Valentine pet set

Perfect gift to send as a Valentine gift, comes with mailing envelope

New Red backpack

Bitty Baby Valentine outfit

New Bitty Baby spring outfits

Outfits for younger girls

Musical Instruments $20

Emily could not wait to be m model with what we brought home.  I did not like the AG sneakers, but found the OG boots go well with the outfit.

Valentine T-shirt goes well with new pants and OG pink sneakers with black polka dots.

Valentine PJs, it comes with a pony tail band but I used it as a bracelet, it has little red hearts.

The slippers finally fit with the strip in the correct place next to big toe.

The swimsuit and beach bag came home as well, but those will be for a summer post.  Overall the items are reasonably priced and very nice.  I like that the new colors for 2015 seem to be gray, red and black, at least based on this released.

What do you like?

Fun Facts: Thank you to the American Girl Miami Store for allowing me to take all these pictures.