Review by JGKelsey

Our Generation has released three new large accessory packs. Each one has some new items and some old ones. All of them are great additions to your dolls collection.

Our Generation Accessory Set

“Day at the Beach” is a set with beach toys and a beach chair. The chair is an adjustable resort style beach chair with colorful stripes adorning its cloth seat.


A pink cooler comes with two cans of soda and ice cubes to keep the soda cold in the cooler. The cooler even has a button to push to slide the top open. To pass the time your doll can play in the sand with a pail, shovel, rake, and two sand molds (one is a seahorse and the other is a sea turtle).


Admire the beautiful sandcastle (made of a rubbery plastic) or build a new one. Make sure to put some sunscreen on…no one wants to get sunburn.


Finally a day at the beach isn’t complete without looking for seashells. The set comes with three different seashells.


“A Day at the Fair” has fair food and State Fair games. If you have ever been to a state fair you know that one of the draws of the fair is all of the different types of food, especially foods on a stick.


This set has cotton candy and corndogs for food on a stick, and an ice cream cone and a tub of peanuts for foods not on a stick. And to wash it down, there is a nice bottle of soda. I state fair poster tells everyone what is going on.


And there are tickets so that your doll can do the games. Games include a beanbag toss with four colorful beanbags, 2 potatoes sacks for sack races, and two spoons with eggs for the egg relay.


Makes me wish it was closer to summer and fair time.


If you would rather stay home than go to the beach or the fair, there is an accessory pack for you to put on your own garden party.


The set has a cute little pinwheel, two gifts, a pastel colored flag banner that will help welcome all your guests and a little sign.


No Garden party is complete without food and beverage, so this set includes a pitcher of lemonade, along with two full glasses, a dome dessert stand with scrumptious macarons, and a serving tray with two butterfly cookies and two fruit tarts.


Many of the items in this set are not new, but they are still cute. And if you don’t have them, they are great to get for your collection.

All three of these sets are great. While many of the items in these sets are similar to pieces in other sets, there are new items that have not been released before. I was able to find the sets at a few different Target stores, but like all Our Generation items, buy it when you see it, as stock changes quickly. If you pick up any of these sets, I don’t think you will be disappointed!