All the major doll brands are getting in on the mini doll craze right now! Madame Alexander Doll Company has put their own twist on things with their collection of internationally inspired 7″ play dolls that will be available in October 2014.ย 

Madame Alexander Travel Friends Play Dolls 7"

From left to right top to bottom we have: Bonjour from France, Ciao from Italy, Haigh from Ireland (yes, she will be mine – lol), Gute Tag from Germany, Namaste from India, Habari from Kenya, Hola from Mexico, Nihao from China and Privet from Russia.

If you are wondering, their names are how you say “hello” in their native languages. Cute, cute, cute!

They are priced at $16.95 and will be available in October.ย 

I am really looking forward to seeing these mini dolls up close! ย Which one is your favorite?