Kidz always seem to amaze me,  nothing is ever too big for them.  My Alexis  was wondering around the house late last evening and found a hidden bag.   Yes, on one of my trips to Goodwill, I found something very adorable for just $1.01. What can it be you ask, well let’s take a look ….

Alexis found Fluffy, the white bunny.  She decided to take it to her room without anyone catching her, she was soooo quiet!

Alexis fell in love with Fluffy at first site.  Once she got him in her room she just snuggled up with him. It did not matter that Fluffy was almost as big as she.  No,  size did not matter!

She so loves her Fluffy, I could not resist taking this close up. Nothing could take them apart.

Today was a laid back day in PJs kind of day.  Alexis wanted to invite a couple of friends to hang out. First to arrive was Grace with her Kitty Kat.

Grace showed Alexis her Kitty Kat dressed in a  PJ gown that matched Grace’s PJs.   Oh the girls were ready to have so much fun, but wait who has just arrived?

Hi Dabbie, said both girls at the same time.  Dabbie came with her Footsie PJs and her new doll, Madeline.

Alexis introduces Fluffy to Dabbie, and tells her how she found him tucked away.  Dabbie tells Alexis and Grace about her new doll Madeline.  She too had been tucked away when she found her.

Dabbie and Grace wanted to know if Fluffy talked.  No, Alexis told them, but he can hold my hand.  I have to teach him how to talk, I am sure he will learn, said Alexis.

and so the girls settled down to play and chat with their friends.  What a lovely day they will enjoy, after all this is the season to be jolly and share with friends.

Fun Facts:
1. All three sets of PJs were made by me.
2. Backdrop is from My Doll’s Life: wonderful play scene
3. Fluffy and Madeline were found at Goodwill for $1.00 or less.  Madeline’s outfit was found at Tuesday Morning , which is really from another doll’s collection.