The Grand Entrance of this Ellowyne was an event to be captured in this story…..

As my Ellowynes and Pru were called upon to come to the Grand Parlor, they looked around and questioned why?

Their question was soon answered, she was the Grand Lady of all!  She was stunning, what a beautiful gown!  In her soft spoken voice, she greeted her visitors with a gracious welcome.

She explained to her visitors, that a dear friend of hers recommended that she invite some of the surrounding Ellowynes and Pru to keep her company in order to snap her from her Grand Despair!  So she immediately took his suggestion.

She offered tea to her guest, as a Grand Lady should, and when they kindly denied the offering, she wanted to know more about her guests.

As she sat, she told her story of her long journey and of  how pleased she was to now be part of this family.  She is of course to be know as the Grand Lady, and her Grand Parlor is available to her guest at any time.

Then without a chance to speak, she annouced it was time for her portrait to be taken.  A photographer appeared and all the attention went to the Grand Lady.

The Grand Lady’s standing portrait as the light streams through the open window.

A close up to reflect her beautiful blue eyes and her platinum hair.  What a georgeous picture she makes!

Then with a wave of her hand, the photographer left and we were escorted to our original places in the house.   Will we ever be invited back?

Fun Facts:
The new Ellowyne is the Grand Despair, Too she is gorgeous, I am so glad I got her.
Backdrop is from AG scenes and settings.
Furniture is part of my doll collections.