Hi girls! Natalie here again. Are you having fun at Camp Doll Diaries? Are you getting ready for the Talent Show?

Camp Doll Diaries Rehearsal

Gwen, Jazzmin and Kanani were rehearsing earlier this afternoon. Jazzmin is watching Coconut for Gwen while she tries to get Licorice to do some cat tricks. Kanani is warming up her voice for her native Hawaiian song and hula dance.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Set up a scene with your dolls rehearsing for the Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show.

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CHALLENGE DATES: This photo challenge is open from June 17-21, 2013.

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Photos from our readers. Also look on Instagram (#campdolldiaries), Pinterest, Facebook.com/dolldiaries and YouTube for other entries.

From Lauren –  My dolls practicing their ending pose for their dancing act.  Dolls (from left to right): Chrissa (GOTY 2009), Charlotte ( MAG), and Lanie ( GOTY 2010)

Here are my Kidz practicing for the talent show. They are singing and playing “Rattlin’ Bog” for their talent show performance.  In case you don’t know the song, here’s a link to a cute version… Grab your KAZOO, and hum along! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1tIYSi7Oec

From Kaylee –  Marie-Grace is practicing riding her horse for the Camp Doll Diaries Talent Show.

From Hannah B – Gwen practices playing her violin for the talent show.

From Rachel B – Rebecca and Dell practicing their back lift for the talent show. I made them the shirt and head wraps
out of socks that had holes in them. They came w/ the shorts.

From Julia – Madison practicing her splits for the talent show!

From Ella H – My doll Elizabeth rehearses her dance act.

From Kayla – Alissa practicing with her horse Snowflake.

From Anna G – Talent Show Practice – AG Kanani, AG Eileen, OG Sadie.

From Madelon – Our little miss celebrates Christmas in June by singing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

From Julia L. – Here are my dolls practicing for the talent show. Carly is training Honey to jump through a hoop. Saige is practicing her ballet solo. Daisy and Nikki are practicing in their band called “The Sprinkled Donuts”

From Sophie T – Felicity is doing equestrian vaulting while Elizabeth shows her latest tap dance on “Taking Care of Business”. They make quite the pair and they are having a wonderful time!

From Hannah B- my dolls are practicing their song, A Whole New World from Aladdin for the talent show.

From Gaby – Caption-Dalia , Marie-Grace , and Elizabeth rehearse their dance routine before the talent show.

From Lisa – My dolls practicing their human pyramid for the Talent Show! From bottom left: Violet, Elsie Ann, and Kathleen. From Middle left: Kanani and Cecile. Top: Kit

Here is a picture I took of Lanie and my bitty baby, Annie Anna, getting up early in the morning to practice their act- bunny sledding with Lulu! From Candy Corn.

From Lubna – Getting Ready to Shine – Here are my dolls getting ready for the talent show. Elizabeth is practicing her ventriloquism skills with her doll Felicity whereas Saige is memorizing the order of events for her solo silent play performance ( I can’t remember the technical term for it). Rebecca is browsing through the American girl magazine for ideas on what she can do while Nellie is a visitor from Cabin Moonstone who has come to watch Cabin Aurora practice. Josefina is one of the organizers of the talent show.


Entries for Week 3 are now closed. You can still post Week 3 entries on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Winners will be drawn on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to all who entered!!